1. MsInterpret

    Food Discussion : MsInterpret's Recipe Collection

    Sticky Hot Honey Fried Chicken This is a recipe I wanted to share that my husband loves and named Sticky Hot Honey Fried Chicken. I don't have exact measurements, I just eyeball everything and go with what works for me. My husband thought it tasted great when paired with Bleu Cheese, while I...
  2. DigitallyBlack

    Food Discussion : Food Places in Los Angeles

    We have a blog post live with a list of black-owned restaurants. We have lunch places, dinner date places, breakfast places and if you are from the LA area. Feel free to add a place you know that you don't see on our list. We'd be more than happy to add them to the list.
  3. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Health and Wellness : Eating and Living Toward Immortality

    ... Eating and Living Toward Immortality Nutrition science itself is a self-correcting series of refutations. There is no certain path to purity and blamelessness through food. The only common thread between competing dietary ideologies is the belief that by adhering to them, one can escape...
  4. ceebee

    Health and Wellness : %65 Fruit/some veges rest regular food

    Seems to be sometimes when I don't particularly want lots of food, or heavy food, but I've been feeling overwhelmingly creative recently and have only wanted fruit, sometimes meat but not a lot of food in general... anyhow, I feel fairly well when I do eat like this, however when I'm not feeling...