1. Writeous1

    Health and Wellness : COVID Chronicles - The Truth Shall Set You Free

    *Most of what I'm about to post here comes from things I posted on my heavily censored Facebook page or the COVID-19 project I did last year. Make time to watch this entire video ASAP! Not watching it could cost you your life. The Future of Vaccines * You can also find the video here, along...
  2. Discerning

    Black People : Covid-19 vaccines may save thousands

    Do you know anyone who has contracted Smallpox, a disease that has been around for at least 3,000 years? Probably not. Because vaccines have practically eradicated this once feared disease. The last known natural case was in Somalia in 1977, the World Health Organization said. Know anyone who...
  3. skuderjaymes

    Health and Wellness : Supplementing with Vitamin D may reduce susceptibility to COVID-19..

    Vitamin Deficiency is common among African American people... darker skin means more melanin.. means less Vitamin D absorbed from the Sun. There is a strong correlation between Vitamin D deficient populations and Covid-19 reaction severity. Black People, Obese People, Old People, Northern...