Black People : The Last Covenant Community

    Family, I Just Moved Off Grid. Onto A Land Of Immense Trees, Foliage & Mosquitos! Right Now It's Just Me, But I Have Plans To Make This Into A Safe Community & Home For Myself & Others. I Have Been Working On This Journey For Years But The Opportunity Only Presented Itself Now To Live Here...
  2. CurtisEOriginal

    Black Poetry : Who Do You Eat With? x Who Plated The Table?

    Who Do You Eat With? & Who Plated The Table? Often Times The Conversation & Digestion Of Addictive, Glamorous Nature, Eating From The Pure Source & Filling Yourself From The Glorious Plates Does... Leave A Most Empty Of Mind, Plus Calorific Count Less Filling Of Stomach, Satisfied For A...
  3. CurtisEOriginal

    The Front Porch : [Hov Music] - Allow Me 2 1st Introduce Myself...

    My Names C... E 2 Da O, @CurtisEOriginal For Those That Don't Know, Got My Name From Some Rasta's, Talking That Leader Like, Hot Type Of Boss Flow... Took Time, Yet Now Your Getting Know, I'm The One Talking Big S*** From An Acute Angle. Jumped In The Game, With Nothing To Claim, Yet, With...
  4. Y

    Black Spirituality Religion : The Real Tribe of of YAHUDAH

    I have a website called . I designed it myself. It contains unique artwork and also information about each tribe and our people. Please take the time to explore my website. These unique shirts will help contribute to the awakening of our people. I would like to sell the...
  5. Christi

    Black People : Urban Decay in Black America

    Hey all I'm currently working on my thesis for graduation (I'm a design student) and was hoping to get some feedback from the black community. I'm focusing on the misrepresentation and under-representation of African Americans. The black community is often associated with intractable problems...
  6. Queenie

    Black People Politics : Black Men for Bernie

    If you actively participate in America's voting process and support Bernie Sanders, you might find this interesting if you're not already aware of it. The following quote is from the "Black Men for Bernie" website. Check it out. I saw an interview with the leading spokesperson for the first...
  7. skuderjaymes

    Black People : What is the one thing that some men / women do that fills you with Joy.. with Love.. with Happiness?

    Anything warms your heart?