1. skuderjaymes

    Black People : CHIRAQ: More than 50 people shot Mother's Day weekend in Chicago.

    At least 19 people, including three boys 16 and younger, died as a result of violence last week in Chicago. Eight of those died over a Mother’s Day weekend during which more than 50 people were shot, in spite of pleas from women’s and church groups to put down the guns. And the number of...
  2. skuderjaymes

    Black People : CHIRAQ: 94 people, from 4 to 69 years old, shot over the last 9 days of April 2016.

    The age range appears to be spreading out.. must be some kind of push for violence diversity..
  3. Inanna

    Black Entertainment : Spike Lee's Chiraq Trailer is Finally Here

    Will you be going to the theaters to see it??? Watch “CHI-RAQ Trailer” on Vimeo: I for sure am. But not everyone is so excited about the satirical portrayal of a very real issue, among other things. Spike Lee defends at...