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    Black Women : Who of you black women use spankings in education?

    Hello there, i am new here. So, please, i am sorry, if i am not in the right topic or anything. But, i first want to tell you: I am living in Germany. And i am male, already over 25. I want to tell you honestly, that i am very fascinated by black women. I am not sure, but i think i especially...
  2. umbrarchist

    Health and Wellness : Myopia Epidemic

    Are our eyes getting worse? - The myopia boom
  3. ckoolbreez

    Black Authors : Released My First Children's Book Today! **Joni's Closet**

    Hey Destee Fam, Just released my first children's book on Amazon titled Joni's Closet. You can download it free today! Here's the link: Write me a review and tell me what ya think!