1. Christi

    Black People : Urban Decay in Black America

    Hey all I'm currently working on my thesis for graduation (I'm a design student) and was hoping to get some feedback from the black community. I'm focusing on the misrepresentation and under-representation of African Americans. The black community is often associated with intractable problems...
  2. B

    Black People : what do you think of this haircut

    Hello what's the name of this haircut please?
  3. Clyde C Coger Jr

    African American History Culture : The story of 'Patton's Panthers,' the black WWII tank unit that crushed Nazi forces on the Western f

    In the Spirit of Sankofa, The story of 'Patton's Panthers,' the black WWII tank unit that crushed Nazi forces on the Western front “Patton’s Panthers” was one of the most effective tank battalions in World War II, fighting a continuous 183 days at the front and inflicting heavy casualties on...
  4. BlaqScorpion

    Black Spirituality Religion : What do you think happens when you call on Jesus as opposed to Yahshua or any other name?

    This has always been a topic of heated discussion among friends and family. I'm not overtly religious by any means, but I definitely believe that the Bible (as well as the Torah, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, etc.) has many principles that can leaned upon towards becoming a more positive individual...
  5. BlaqScorpion

    The Front Porch : Hello...

    I ran across this site by chance. I entered "famous black scorpio women" into my search engine and this was one of the results. I read the post about Scorpios and I enjoyed it. Didn't come across as spiteful as most Scorpio descriptions are. Came across as objective instead of judgmental. That...
  6. dazania

    African American History Culture : Black Americans Were Never Slaves

    You can't actually own a person. Only in from the mind of a psychopath or criminal could there break forth the notion of "buying", "selling" and "owning" another human being as if they were property. It's an absurdity. A farce. It cannot be. You might wield the physical power to impose the...
  7. J

    Black Entertainment : What Did Kanye West’s Casting Call for ‘Multiracial Women Only’ Mean?

    On Saturday, Kanye West used Twitter to post a model casting notice for his “Yeezy Season 4” fashion show. It read: “Multiracial women only. No makeup please come as you are.” He received backlash on Twitter from users who said he was making it clear he did not want Black women, or only a...
  8. J

    The Front Porch : Armed ‘White Lives Matter’ Group Protests at NAACP in Houston

    Hello all, I wrote an article this morning on a White Lives Matter protest in front of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) office in Houston’s Third Ward on Sunday. The protesters were armed and waved Confederate flags. Here's a link to the story...
  9. Lrae

    Black Poetry : Black Matters

    Do be reminded; The mystery of "Black", however you define it, matters in all topics if you look you'll surely find it. Niger, negus, melanin, moor, nagas, negros, khem.t, when truth can't be denied it's wise to stand up in it. The ancients never lied, there was gold and blackmen mined it...
  10. africanarise

    Black People : How many Black people are in the UK?

    Greetings all, thought I'd share some facts and figures about the Black communities on this side of the water. Enjoy :-)
  11. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Science and Technology : Tom Jones Is Getting His DNA Tested To See If He Has ‘Black Ancestors’

    In the Spirit of Sankofa, If you are able to go back far enough, your deep ancestry will show Black, Tom; this is true of all so-called White people. Tom Jones Is Getting His DNA Tested To See If He Has ‘Black Ancestors’ Sir Tom Jones has revealed that he wants to get his DNA tested to...
  12. SeedyMartini

    Black Spirituality Religion : Do you believe Jews/ Jesus was black?

    Hi all. I am actually genuinely wondering whether or not it is a common belief in the Black community that Jews and Jesus was black. I am sorry if I sound ignorant, but I dont know how to go about finding out. I know its not taught in my church but I feel like the Bible and history points to...