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  1. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Black Relationships : New Book Claims the Destruction of Black Relationships Is 'America's Unrecognized Civil Rights Issue'

    ... :five: New Book Claims the Destruction of Black Relationships Is 'America's Unrecognized Civil Rights Issue' Janelle Harris Dixon ...
  2. Chidike

    Black Relationships : Jahleel Addae: "Toast to more light skin babies"

    This is when you know the genocide is being pushed of our people and its being done by pawns like this...... Home News Top News National News Uplifting News Commentary Entertainment Entertainment News Gossip TV & Film Music Gone Viral! TJMS If You Missed It Little Known Black History...
  3. F

    Black People : Is real empowerment truly possible if Black men and Black women are disconnected from each other?

    Let's start discussing Black community empowerment.
  4. Chidike

    Black People : Common Sense 101-Why Do We Still Believe Marching And Holding Up Signs Will Defeat White Supremacy?

    Now add kneeling down to this devils flag of imperialism as some sort of new wave of "activism".I been any and everywhere all over,yet this still confuses me to no end, yet the same people repeat the same brutality against us. I see this new generation is hooked on this integrated and...
  5. guttapoetfromny

    Black Poetry : To fantasy

    Right now your just a fantasy.... This nubian king with locs made of gold Brown skin that looks to have been touched by god himself and lips the color of cocoa beans A beautiful black brother. I close my eyes and i feel you as if you were here.... Your hands rough against my soft skin Your...
  6. Boss_Lady

    Black Relationships : Am I fighting a losing battle?

    I have been with my fiance for almost 4 years and together we have 4 kids together. We have been living together for over 2 years. So let me just get to the point....We have been engaged for almost 8 months and I am not a materialistic person. I don't want to waste money on a big ceremony when...
  7. pat7

    Black People : Do this prove all whites are satanists

    Also see this video The Roman empire rewrote the Bible, history, and anything that revealed the truth about the world and people. Christianity has always been a homosexual promoting satanist religion on the down low. Christianity which was heavily influenced by the Catholic church came from...