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    Black People Politics : The Black Political Bloc

    We, as a community, have arrived at the point in our political development where we can actually begin pooling resources, technology, and intelligentsia into a concentrated effort to improve our Black society. This will require consolidation or negotiation of values into a condensed form...
  2. Mali-Man

    Black People Politics : Let's Fix Our House First!

    I was just discussing the topic of racism with someone earlier today and it was exhausting because I am so passionate about Black life, so I will keep this brief. Why is it that we as a people are always so worried about every other ethnicity when none really care about us? Our house has been...
  3. Conscious Uncle Toms | mAd GeNiUs

    Conscious Uncle Toms | mAd GeNiUs

    Also Known As: Brotha Amun aka Amun Tehuti-shil Yashua BLOG: RADIO:
  4. Queenie

    Black People : The Hate U Give

    I know there must be a thread here about this movie already, so forgive me if I am duplicating it. I'm curious, how many people have seen it and what did you think about it? How did it make you feel? In terms of the storytelling, what did you like and what didn't you like? Can we talk?
  5. J

    The Front Porch : Armed ‘White Lives Matter’ Group Protests at NAACP in Houston

    Hello all, I wrote an article this morning on a White Lives Matter protest in front of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) office in Houston’s Third Ward on Sunday. The protesters were armed and waved Confederate flags. Here's a link to the story...
  6. U

    Black Money Business Jobs : It will take 228 years for the average Black family to catch up to the wealth of the average white

    According to the new study "The Ever-Growing Gap: Without Change, African-American and Latino Families Won't Match Up To White Wealth For Centuries." The 400 most richest Americansown more wealth than the entire Black population plus one-third of the Latino population combined. Also, according...
  7. Queenie

    Black People : Black on Black--Caution! Adult Content

    How do WE change the narrative, perception and the reality when it comes to Black crime between Black people? We don't NEED the Black Lives Matter movement to take the lead in this conversation nor the community activism, but a lot of people think it could help but only if its platform addresses...
  8. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Black People Politics : Dear CEOs, Those Campus Racism Protests May Be Coming to Your Office

    In the Spirit of Black Activism, Dear CEOs, Those Campus Racism Protests May Be Coming to Your Office How #BlackLivesMatter could rock corporate America ... What does this mean for corporate leaders? The next context within which these students will confront racism is apt to be the...
  9. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Black History : A next generation(New Era Detroit) of black activism gains steam

    In the Spirit of Black Activism, A next generation of black activism gains steam As Detroit's black population decreases and white population increases, new groups such as New Era Detroit aim to promote black power Waving pan-African flags colored red, black and green, the demonstrators...