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    Pan-Africanism : Why very few African Themed-Clothing?

    Hi all, So I wondered why there are mostly Western themed clothing's in store. Why don't Africans wear themselves?
  2. C

    Black People : The Black Child Now Live - Chadwick Boseman (Netflix Series)

    The Black Child 2020 IMDB: Okay we are so excited first of all to be sharing this with you guys. Our deadline for funds is 05/07/2020 Click link above for more information about cast that's included and already onboard with tv show. Locations shooting...
  3. MicTheory

    Black People Politics : Embracing Tiny Houses,Solar Power, & Electric Vehicles is Economic Power

    First lets break down the American dream. For many it is home ownership a nice car good paying job and the ability to raise a healthy family and vacation every now and again. That is the propaganda we are sold when begin to map out our lives in this so-called great American melting pot. But let...
  4. Black Travelers Network

    South Africa : 2017 South Africa- Details & Payment Plan Coming Soon

    It maybe too late for you to join our 2016 trip to South Africa. However..... Be the first to hear about upcoming trips. Subscribe to Black Travelers Network:

    Black Poetry : Authors Survival TO DO OR DIE

    Authors Survival To be an author of the present, and never speaking of the past, the mind cannot conceive the true meaning of historical aesthetics; the source of my instilment details, of the struggles just to stay alive, through indignation, betrayed into the dangerous character of an...
  6. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Pan-Africanism : For African-American root-seekers, the reveal can be transformative

    In the Spirit of Sankofa, For African-American root-seekers, the reveal can be transformative “DNA Sierra Leonean” Isaiah Washington worked to highlight the importance of Sierra Leone to descendants of slaves Excerpted from "The Social Life of DNA: Race, Reparations, and Reconciliation...
  7. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Black People Politics : Canada rejects African-American's asylum claim

    In the Spirit of :facepalm: Canada? Naw Canada rejects African-American's asylum claim TORONTO (Reuters) - A Canadian tribunal has rejected a claim for refugee status from an African-American man who said he feared persecution and police abuse in the United States based on his race, the...