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  1. Asomfwaa

    Black Entertainment : i prefer iggy to beyoncé.....

    Never heard Iggy until now. She sounds like a man. Beyonce ain't all that, but I guess if it needs to be said, my preference is to Beyonce. Of course, I wouldn't go to either for Music.
  2. Asomfwaa

    Health and Wellness : Ebola isn't Real

    I don't follow the news. But this came up, so I can post it here.
  3. Asomfwaa

    Black People : Did U Know?

    So don't get a birth certificate? What's the message here exactly?
  4. Asomfwaa

    Black People : For The Math Minded People

    The problem is notation. In order for "3=6", the problem should read f(8) = 56 not 8=56. As "8=56" is as Kadijah put it 'illogical.' The problem could be easier resolved if the question were written as: f(8) = 56 f(7) = 42 f(6) = 30 f(5) = 20 find f(3) assuming f(x) is a continuous...
  5. Asomfwaa

    Black People : For The Math Minded People

    8 does not equal 56. I used "= / =" to represent "≠". In retrospect I do not know why.
  6. Asomfwaa

    Black People : For The Math Minded People

    Kadijah has a point 3=3. 8 =/= 56 . . . because if 8 = 56 and 56 = 3080 and 3080 = 9483320 . . . 8 = infinity.
  7. Asomfwaa

    Black People : For The Math Minded People

    The "9" logic is an illogical application of "the pattern is each row is multiplied by a number less than the row above." Whereas the answer "6" is a logical application of "the value after the equal sign depends on the value before the equal sign." By the 9 logic, if 2 were where 3 is, 2 = 6...
  8. Asomfwaa

    Black People : For The Math Minded People

    What did you figure the answer to be?
  9. Asomfwaa

    Black Relationships : Abusive Relationships

    We mustn't absorb ourselves in minority cases. There are maybe 100 people who eat toilet paper, but I'm not for opening toilet paper eateries. So someone wants to be in an abusive relationship--ok? Should I really waste my precious brain cells over a nutcase?
  10. Asomfwaa

    Black Relationships : Abusive Relationships

    Man it really isn't that easy to escape an abusive relationship. Think about it. No one abuses you until they have leverage and/or access to your life. Can you really just up and leave your whole life? Besides, you're wandering from the point.
  11. Asomfwaa

    Black Relationships : Abusive Relationships

    Yeah the men are wrong. No shh. Your behavior should be based on your moral compass. To be persuaded into wrongdoing is wrong, no doubt.
  12. Asomfwaa

    Black People : My Finances Are My Business? Did I Go About It Wrong?

    Even with chains around your neck, you are at liberty to do whatever you please. Are there moral implications for being too 'libertine?' Naturally. Is it immoral for you to keep certain information private? A question for a different day. Although, perhaps this person is looking to advise...
  13. Asomfwaa

    Black People : Stephen A Smith to Women: ‘Don’t Do Anything to Provoke’ Men Into Beating You

    What's bad about 'don't provoke men?' I saw an angry destructive man the other day and just crossed the street. Sounds like good advice to me. Not to say all men need to be provoked but simply advising against provocation is fine by me.
  14. Asomfwaa

    Black Women : Why Do Sistahs?

    Lot of folk don't know Black folk should wear different clothes from Whites. Also folk don't know to wear dresses or long skirts.
  15. Asomfwaa

    Black Entertainment : Aaron McGruder's Black Jesus Trailer

    Huey was more a "Huey Newton" Tom Dubois -- W.E.B. Du Bois Uncle Ruckus -- Uncle Tom Granddad -- Just a Grandfather But Riley was "Black People." It takes a little watching, but one does notice that Riley isn't a 'character' but a representation. Ruckus isn't a representation, for instance.