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  1. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : I AM (Resound me)

    How can it be when you yet to see me feel the love I bring so silent, not a whisper don't judge me, for I AM
  2. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : I TRIED TO LOVE YOU

    This tap like dancing shoes when one turn blind to love makes one dip, hide like a glove the groove of understanding is fear leave a forever sad tear if she only knew the love inside now its time of ride!
  3. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : A Soft Reply

    like a silent whisper speak on poet.
  4. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : The Butts of discussion

    No doubt listen to every note played
  5. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : Word-Flow(A Poetic Exercise)

    No right way to express the deep bereavement my heart feel within my love grief daily speaking un notice by force sad me! each tear say I do but yet alone in sorrow nowhere to turn guess I sit here inside my own shadow and cry for healing. next word:::RETURN
  6. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : I AM (Resound me)

    I am the crisp and Da cream one whom enter into ya dream crossing from up above passing flowers spreading love Dancing on poetic looms romancing you with lyrical tunes shifting love room to room feel my rapture coming soon! Feel the passion, feel the flow let ya mind relax and let go take...
  7. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : Queen's soul doing

    this right here say it all.
  8. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : Into The Arms Of Rap

    clean, cut it's a Rap!
  9. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : The Origin of Song

    most def on point great reading you again 1poetsought
  10. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : HE SAID:

    nice scribing bruh!
  11. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : Exhausting 360

    bringing poetic facts sista.
  12. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : The Walking Dead

    I can truly relate to this piece as it grasp my inner soul great write!
  13. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : Release my Love

    yes brother rhymebad it speaks like Let me go forth beyond days past release my love for I am not a ticket a holding block to be shelf ware, value me as I of thee and Release me.
  14. $$RICH$$

    Black Sports : Fans react angrily to 'racist' ban on Serena Williams' catsuit

    whatup Jamesfrmphilly see you still dropping the reality news
  15. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : Release my Love

    Behold me not, let me go I am not of he whom you know I am who I am as me Let go my love, for one not kill my heart belongs on her for she not of this world nor Mortal when she speak, like a whisper it makes love to me as I make to thy mind If you taste my ripple as I stroke your harp...
  16. $$RICH$$

    Black Sports : Fans react angrily to 'racist' ban on Serena Williams' catsuit

    surely it was going to be a big reaction to it....but she okay with the out come just sad they couldn't respect the medical side of her wearing it then maybe the rules need changing.
  17. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : Deep Valley of Romance

    bring it on....good to read you again
  18. $$RICH$$

    Black Poetry : When a stranger returns

    when you walk the path a root of a stranger what's ahead is like living danger I stumble away like a lost and found walking slowly without a sound Standing here looking around hoping no one see me in town yet I know I've been missing but like a ghost I'm still your host as a stranger yet so...
  19. $$RICH$$

    Hello family, community and friends

    Hello family, community and friends