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  1. thePreacher

    Black People : Why is there so little objection to Destee's openly pro-NSA stance?

    This may get me banned, again, maybe permanently this time. But, if so, I offer it as a parting gift to the black people of Destee. There is currently a nation-wide debate going on over the NSA/Obama's assault on Free Speech in this country. Yet, Destee is clearly attempting to discourage it...
  2. thePreacher

    Black Men : Dr. Na'im Akbar --- Florida's anti-Zimmerman

    Zimmerman and the town of Sanford have done a good job of presenting the very real red neck and red state mentality of the state of Florida. The central part, and panhandle, of Florida is a different culture than what you find in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. I personally know this from having...
  3. thePreacher

    Black People Politics : If you think I am hard on Obama

    I have gotten a certain amount of criticism for referring to Obama as a lying sack of excrement. Worse, I have referred to some members here as black racists. Worse, I have referred to the 95% of black Americans who support Obama as poor, dumb, negroes. Even worse, after one member here, a...
  4. thePreacher

    Science and Technology : Did Aliens give YT a technoloical leg up?

    I am not one of those brothas who think all white folks is the devil. I see no collective superiority, or inferiority, when comparing them with any other groups of homo sapiens. Some of them are bright, caring, and admirable beings. But others are 21st century neanderthals who should have been...
  5. thePreacher

    Black People Politics : Has Black America lost its righteousness mind?

    When I have said, many times, that all Black America expects from Obama is that he be Black and a Democrat, this is what I am talking about: A people who are this confused about who they are cannot become self-determinate. The white racists who rule this country, and resent your very...
  6. thePreacher

    Black People : Ouch!

    So .... I see that a brotha felt 'my life was threatened' and exercised his right to "stand your ground", albeit more benevolently than Zimmerman since he used his fist instead of a gun: Nevertheless, Fat Boy George killed a boy yet gets to walk around a free man with a big smile on his...
  7. thePreacher

    Black People Politics : Gil Scot-Heron on Reagan

    I wonder what Gil Scot-Heron would say about Obama if he was still alive and off the crack:
  8. thePreacher

    Support : Got dinged for donation twice

    I just attempted to pay $10 non-recurring premium dues for this month. Everything looked normal until the very end, when I usually get a screen confirming the payment from PayPal. This time, instead, I got a screen which at least looked like PayPal saying there was an error and to try again...
  9. thePreacher

    Black People Politics : How Obama Got Elected

    I concluded a while ago that the typical person who supports Obama does so, not because of what he is doing, or has done, but because of who they want to believe he is. This allows his supporters to ignore all the readily available evidence that he is just as much of a fascist as his...
  10. thePreacher

    Black People Politics : Black Against Empire

    I am reading a book which was published this year entitled "Black Against Empire - the history and politics of the Black Panther Party" by Joshua Bloom and Waldo E. Martin, Jr. . I became interested in it because I see Police State terrorism escalating and I want to learn from what the BPP did...
  11. thePreacher

    Black People Politics : Bush convicted of war crimes

    The title of this thread is not a typo. George W. Bush has, legally, being convicted of war crimes --- in a Malaysian court. America and Americans, of course, routinely ignore the laws of other countries. But, nevertheless, there are serious consequences of this upon which I will expound...
  12. thePreacher

    Black People Politics : Obama's speech at the Natl Defense Univ

    In case you missed it, here is a clip of Obama's speech yesterday at the National Defense University. It is useful to listen to it, even if you are as opposed to the man as I am, because he does a good job of presenting the Obama ditto head justifications for his extra-constitutional policies...
  13. thePreacher

    Science and Technology : The Disposition Matrix

    I get chastised from time to time on the Net because of my frequent references to coppertops, Smiths, and the Matrix when describing real world events. It is just a movie, I am told. But I continue to make those analogies because the Matrix trilogy was not just an entertaining set of movies. It...
  14. thePreacher

    Black Spirituality Religion : Whited sepulchres, full of dead men's bones

    The gospel of Matthew 23:27 contains what may well be the most caustic words the biblical Jesus ever spoke: Matt.23 [27] Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones...
  15. thePreacher

    The Front Porch : used to be Istlota, now thePreacher

    After some time off, I am back, for how long I do not know. This time around, thanks to Destee's feature which allows you to choose a different name, I changed my username from istlota to thePreacher. In the interest of transparency, I am making that known. My past concerns over the direction...
  16. thePreacher

    Black People Politics : Why the masses prefer psychopaths to lead them

    We all complain about our leaders. Yet most of us who vote support the same psychopath anyway. Even after one particular psychopath retires from political life, we just find some new psychopath just as bad and start voting for him. Hence, most of the Presidents of these United States in the past...