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    Black Poetry : For african american girls, african girls, and jamaican girls

    You are the ultimate luxury. There is a great altar of love in me, you are so beautiful that you want to worship and kiss your feet, bow and bow before your divine beauty, there are powerful vibrations of love emanating from my soul, these are powerful signals of a deep obsession with love. The...
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    Black Poetry : Erotic dope

    Erotic dope You are a billion percent more beautiful than any other girl. With you, I feel horny every day. Every day, youmakes me horny more and more. ****, you're so sexy. In you there is a hyper realistic beauty so natural and sensual, powerfully fall in love at first sight by a billion...
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    Black Poetry : Hot erotic dark skin

    You have the most juicy sexy skin color, it is so sweet, so beckoning and eager caress. You are the goddess of love, sex and erotica. Every millimeter of your body is perfect and perfect. You are all that my heart and soul wants. Only your body and your kisses makes me horny. Only i look to your...
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    Black Poetry : Hipper juicy, mega sexy sweet candy

    Hipper juicy, mega sexy sweet candy Oh God, so sexy. Hipper juicy, mega sweet candy. Delightfully beautiful. I am uncontrollably drawn to you ultra powerfully. When you walk in front of me, this is a mega juicy and beautiful and very sexually exciting, seductive dance of sexy buns. You are the...
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    Black Poetry : Extremely sexy

    Extremely sexy You are juicy, sweet as the most juicy sweet fruit, extremely sexy girl. Touching on your burning fire with passion of skin, such sugar sweet, colorful, sensual and picturesque. I have amazing feelings, considering your divinely beautiful skin color. Juicy, sweet, dark skin...
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    Black Poetry : Magic of color

    how you see i love black girls and i adore black girls, bow to their beauty
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    Black Poetry : Magic of color

    Magic of color Fascinating, magical seductive chocolate magic of dark skin color girl, molded with a delicate luscious cocoa tinge, molded in delicate shades of ripe tangerine, fresh and juicy orange flavor. Goddess, smeared with oil for the body, the embodiment of temptation and hot temptation...
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    Black Poetry : Relationships

    1. If it is directed at you from people: resentment, envy, acrimony, sarcasm, anger, aggression, hatred, revenge, rage - know that all this is people's sympathy, this does not mean that you are a bad person, just very attractive personality. 2. A love couple who is able to constantly forgive...
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    Black Poetry : Love in every life

    Love is between a measured chrono-connection, having a quantum thread of memories between lives extending into the infinity of eternity. No matter what is the timing of life, love never dies to the end. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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    Black Poetry : Chocolate gold

    Chocolate gold You are the chocolate gold of high quality leather the sweetest candy in the world, golden highlights on the skin like the shining dawn of romance, after a wild passionate night of love. Touching you, I touch the dream, the divine fire, the perfection, the cherished dream of my...
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    Black Poetry : Color of sex

    Dark skin, pure black skin, dark brown, dark and light brown, tasty honey-caramel or golden brown, golden, all these skin tones are the colors of hot sex and wild unbridled passion. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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    Black Poetry : The space buzz

    The space buzz There is no more powerful temptation and temptation in the universe than you. You are so beautiful that you want to use foul language from the infinitely powerful, awesome explosion of admiration, from the billions of infinitely colorful colors of bright emotions of love and...
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    Black Poetry : Hardcore sexy (Horny like)

    Hardcore sexy (Horny like) Shocking beautiful, hardcore sexy, extremely sexy. Your heart is the most precious treasure in the universe, illuminated by the brilliance of the stars and the radiance of the sun. You deserve an infinite number of horny and in love likes and reposts from the whole...
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    Black Poetry : Hot cutie

    Hot cutie You are the love of all my lives, an invaluable masterpiece of the universe. Sensual as flamenco, Passionate as tango, Spicy as cha-cha-cha, tempting and teasing like a striptease and tastes like juicy strawberries. Hot cutie, ardently passionate, can ignite passion literally wherever...
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    Black Poetry : Sweet candy

    Sweet candy You are my life meaning, only you are forever beautiful in my eyes, you are like the utopian harmony of the universe, being your husband is like going to heaven. When nature created you, she was idealized, poetic, exaggeratedly embellished even the smallest details of your beautiful...
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    Black Poetry : Crown of love

    Crown of love My sincere love for you is your crown, my concern for you is your throne. You are all that I want in this life. I am obsessed with love for you, I worship and bow before your beauty. Your beauty is so virgin, innocent, primordial, unique, so majestic and beautiful. From your kisses...
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    Black Poetry : Infinitely beautiful girl

    Infinitely beautiful girl You are infinitely beautiful. Over the years you have become more beautiful in my eyes. I fall in love more and more with your mind and soul. Being in your heart is like living in a royal palace where we are king and queen, love in me is immeasurably gigantic, huge...
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    Black Poetry : Love aphorisms

    1. The most terrible thing in love is that it is not given to you in life to know who really is your second half. And even if you find it, then you cannot be sure that your love for all your eternity will love you, as it may simply abandon you because of some trifle. 2. Cupid is a cross-eyed...
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    Black Poetry : Powerful energy of love

    Powerful energy of love You excite and fall in love with yourself at first sight. You are my eternal romantic thought and even eternal memories. It’s hot and sexy, over beautiful, over juicy, I can’t name anything that can be more beautiful than you, you are the highest goddess with a divine...