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  1. legit-writer

    Black People Politics : Two Parties United

    Hi all and Happy New Year. It's been a while since I've posted on Destee. Not sure if a thread has been made about this or not, but I was thinking to make this country more "fair", whoever gets elected as President, whether it's a Republican or a Democrat to let the Vice President be the...
  2. legit-writer

    Destee, Is your site having issues again? I can't post anything on the forums or am I not...

    Destee, Is your site having issues again? I can't post anything on the forums or am I not allowed to post? Last time I was here, I know I didn't do any violations that I know of. Thanks.
  3. legit-writer

    Black People Politics : Speaker-John-Boehner-to-resign-from-Congress?

    Perhaps the Pope shamed him. Either way, where's the bubbly? I'm ready to celebrate!
  4. legit-writer

    Black Relationships : For Men: Pretty Vs. Nice Looking

    Men: When physically describing a woman, what is the difference between "pretty" and "nice looking"?
  5. legit-writer

    Black People Politics : Mitt Romney Calls On South Carolina To Remove Confederate Flag At Statehouse (UPDATED)

    If indeed Romney did do this, this is one of the most smartest things I've ever seen him do.
  6. legit-writer

    Black People : Homegoing of My Dad

    It's been a while since I've been on here. So here's an update for the inquiring minds that want to know: As some of you know, my mother passed away last December. I lost my dad last month (08 April 2015). The dementia he had shut his body down and that was it. I couldn't say goodbye to him...
  7. legit-writer

    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    Has more twists than a pretzel, I tell ya.
  8. legit-writer

    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    Already got my copy.
  9. legit-writer

    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    "Gay show" or not, there are millions of people who like it for every one or two people who don't. Either way, they're still making money regardless of what we think of them. Going back to sleep. I'm out.
  10. legit-writer

    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    There's a difference between that and belaboring the point.
  11. legit-writer

    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    If you don't like the show, don't watch it, but don't come here trying to get other people not to watch it either.
  12. legit-writer

    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    Best show i've seen in years!
  13. legit-writer

    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    This man has mad talent!
  14. legit-writer

    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    The season isn't even over yet, and when I went to the Facebook page for Empire, it has already reach 1.2 million. I was like "heck yeah. This is going to be around for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time!" This is my new favourite television series, no matter what anyone says!
  15. legit-writer

    Black People : Share Something 'Weird' About Yourself

    Similar weirdness; I love tomatoes, but don't care much for ketchup.