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    Black People Politics : yvette carnell thread.....

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with examining a candidate's record on issues that affect us and exposing when they worked against our benefit. Our people need to focus more on actions instead of rhetoric. Look deep at the voting records, the effective legislating, judicial rulings, and...
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    Black People Politics : Cory Booker launches his presidential campaign with a call for America to 'rise'

    Actually James Buchanan Jr., the 15th president of the United States, was a life long Bachelor. So he would be the second, not first.
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    Black People : what r robots and what r they doing here ?????

    Advertisement bots are a problem many websites have. Many of them are created to scam people or to troll a site. Also used as a means to block traffic to a site by overloading that with DDoS attacks.
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    Black People : CDC Forced To Admit They Knew Vaccine Preservative Caused Autism

    I did some research on NEWS PUNCH and have found that it is considered to be a right-wing conspiracy theory site known for publishing fake articles. Since that is the case, I also researched to see if there were other verified sources that support their assertion concerning the CDC. I only found...
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    Black Entertainment : It’s time for R. Kelly to be held accountable

    Sometimes I feel we have real problem with a lack of empathy for our own sisters. It is especially startling when I see other sisters choosing to support the abuser of black women over the black women who were abused by him.
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    Black Relationships : R. Kelly’s Victims Ignored for 30 Years, Everything to Do With the Fact That They are Black Women

    Good! He has made teenage girls and women suffer for over 30 years, now it is his turn. Still, I do wonder how much effort the parents of those girls put into trying to get their teenagers out of his influence? If it was me, I would try everything legal. Once I found none of that worked, I...
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    Black People : Black Woman Gives White Attacker More Than He Bargained For

    I seriously doubt anyone who posts on this site sees these events as being isolated and rare. Now, we as a people should probably boycott McDonalds all over, not just in a particular state. The company is multi-national. Boycotting one state's McDonalds will not significantly affect their...
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    Black People : Black Woman Gives White Attacker More Than He Bargained For

    He got the beat-down he deserved. What pisses me off about the situation is how the other employees stood there and watched outside of one dude (Who half-heartedly tried to pull the man away in the end). The manager also did not care about her well-being. He did not even call the police on the...
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    Black People Politics : What America sees...

    I normally just show the truth and then leave it at that unless it needs to be clarified. The truth is for others who may be reading the thread, not the political partisan to whom I am responding. Political partisans do not care about facts, they only care about their group's narrative. It is a...
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    Mumble rap? Hard for my middle age ears to understand what he is saying with the auto-tuned mumbles.
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    I am not that impressed by many of todays rappers anyway. Most of them seem to lack any sort of self-awareness or community consciousness. When your focus is only on money and loose women, you will do anything for them up to and including having no self-respect.
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    Single Black Mothers : The Quiet Crisis Killing Black Women

    This is the very example of what I mean when it comes to some of the issues we should be focusing inward to fix about ourselves. My mother was physically abused by her husband (my stepfather), and in turn I was physically abused by my mother and to a lesser extent her husband as a child. My...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Is This The Year Of "End Times"?

    Yes, I have read the scriptures. I read it in church as a child, lead by a pastor and read it myself as a young adult. I do not reject your religion out of ignorance of what it is. I grew up in it. Just like I read about other religions and reject them based on what I have read, not what I have...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Is This The Year Of "End Times"?

    You see that as a problem, but any person who understands how science works knows that is what is suppose to happen. When new information is found, we are suppose to compare that new information with the old and test it. If the new information explains the phenomena better than the old, then we...
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    Black People Politics : Kevin Hart refuses to apologize for homophobic tweets even after Academy gives ultimatum

    Our people are the literally scapegoat for every other group on this planet. Unfortunately, I do not see that changing anytime soon. I personally believe we will never be able to change what other groups think about us, so instead we should work on ourselves. Build our own people up, create our...
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    Black People Politics : Kevin Hart refuses to apologize for homophobic tweets even after Academy gives ultimatum

    The more prudent action is to just refrain from using the the derogatory terms representing each group and treating each other with some decency and respect. What fun in that though, considering we humans really do love our manufactured drama while the real problems pile up and the world...
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    Black Relationships : Can You Be Pro Black and Date Outside the Black Race?

    Yes, you can date outside of our ethnicity and still support issues that are important to our ethnicity. The real problem is some who do choose that path act as if they now must whole cloth support the ethnicity they are dating, forswearing support for their own people's issues. If they can...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Is This The Year Of "End Times"?

    Sorry, I do not believe religious propaganda. I only believe facts. If they are genetically tied to the people who are originally from that area, then they have a right to reside in that area and call it home. To have one set of people come from somewhere else and claim the land as theirs by...
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    Black People Politics : POLITICAL RANT

    It is evident that you think POC did that alone, when that is not the truth. White people, in significant numbers, voted for Obama. If White people do not want a person in office, white people can override the wishes of every other ethnic group in this country combined. Look up the demographics...
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    Black People Politics : POLITICAL RANT

    Our vote does not override theirs. The insanely stupid Caucasians outnumber us by a significant amount, since we only make up 13% of the population. No, the only way policy will really change is when the consequences of said policy starts killing off the policy makers and their families. They...