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    Destee Network : rent-a-negro

    Well, I'm very interested in knowing what the reaction to this web site and artist is post-investigation......... Has anyone read her interview? -- esp. the part about her development and intent for the rent-a-negro site??? There was such a mini uproar in the beginning but it's all quiet here now??
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    Boy do I hate sashimi--- I like my sushi Westernized! My fave is the kind with the crab and mayo at my favorite spot they call it the NikiMoto roll (name of the restaurant) I like some nigiri, but not the squid.....Stay far, far away from the squid... Check out this site for more sushi...
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    Destee Network : rent-a-negro

    I love Damali Ayo. Superb artist!! Her subject matter and prefered medium lets her reach waaaay beyond the usual artsy crowd....... I mean this site is oooolddd, but artist and non-artist, students, professionals, people of all colors, those who accept their racist tendencies and those whose...
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    Black Relationships : Who should pay for the date? The man or the woman?

    :grouphug: there isn't a single hug icon , but you seem like you really need one....And you haven't offended me in the least. I'm actually being entertained! I never ranted and raved, you keep asking "me" questions which I answer, but enough again! When you are ready to move this to the...
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    Black Relationships : Who should pay for the date? The man or the woman?

    Oh don't back track now sweet pea...YOu used "you" several times, and repeated a question you asked ME in your post....Now either there was a grammar issue in your posting or you are trying to make a direct attack seem sweet and innocent. And what is your intent behind the "how many men...
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    Black Relationships : Who should pay for the date? The man or the woman?

    Well it's obvious that not only the last post, but this one also was directed at me--And over the yeas in various forums that I've participated in it's been PRETTY common to divide up posts.....At this point I'd rather take our discussion off board out of respect to every one else since the...
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    Black Relationships : Who should pay for the date? The man or the woman?

    YOu are welcome to your opinion-- and I've said a million times it isn;t the end all or be all, just one of MY requirements. Right and wrong are relative and what is a concern of yours may not be for me and vice versa Let me tell you from my experience nothing takes the focus off of getting...
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    Black Relationships : Who should pay for the date? The man or the woman?

    Nope no guarantees!!!! Everyone operates differently, and I don't judge anyone for thier choices. I know I prefer to put most of my energy into my family and my man, and I enjoy being spoiled in return. So I choose to date men who can and will provide that without a problem. I don't lie, cheat...
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    Black Relationships : Who should pay for the date? The man or the woman?

    I just replied to a post, No links or html tags only seems to come up when I'm being quoted though. Automatically parse text in links is checked -----could that be it? Perhaps I have something evil on my computer system that's doing this? I'm going to switch over to one of the...
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    How do u spell R-E-L-I-E-F from STRESS ???

    Khasm are you up for an @$$ whoopin? 1. Sex 2. meditate 3. hike in the woods 4. exercise at the gym 5. go to the museum 6. read a book 7. ride my motorcycle 8. if all else fails have sex again.
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : How many Natural Hair Gals on this site?

    Hey I'm a wash'n'go girl! I press my hair every 2 months or so out of boredom and to give it a nice even trim( I can't trim my hair when it's natural the textures are so different).
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    Teach Your Own Class - Online Classes!

    I teach, knitting, crochet, leatherwork and silver and goldsmithing. i'd be willing to do online knit/crochet courses.
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    Black People : Man's greatest invention is an honest woman...

    I'm quiet familiar with both the author and this quotation...What was meant by it is that Men have, in order to maintain the Madonna/Whore distinctionin their minds, insisted for years that women, as the fairer, weaker sex were incapable of deception, sexual agression, cheating etc. That was...
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    Black People : Root Cause of Black Poverty

    If I had more money I would move to a nicer, safer, healthier neighborhood (although the one ilive in now is certainly beautiful), but it would still be a BLACK community. Not all black communities are poor, violent and dirty. I'd still use my black owned bank for the majority of my business...
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    Black Relationships : Sexy

    Confidence, Aggresion, Passion, Openess, Humility (at least in private), Honesty, Generosity (of spirit, mind, time and finances), Wit....................Physically I can't stand skinny legs, I like bald heads, and nice hands.
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    Black Relationships : Who should pay for the date? The man or the woman?

    In the beginning I think the man should pay regardless of income circumstances. I've never dated a man without money, so the issue hasn't ever come up for me. After our 2nd or 3rd date I leave tips and pay cabs.....After I really like him I'll surprise him with a nice gift, or (maybe) treat...
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    Black Women : Plastic surgery

    It's a matter of personal choice to me.....Would I get any p.s. probably not---My body doesn't react very well to a lot of things and the healing process might not go the way I want it to. But I haven't ruled it out......I'm a dancer and a vain person :star: , ANd 10 years from now boobs and a...