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  1. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Talking Points

    Put an icon next to what's important Underneath state where we're trying to go, the fort We shall make only accessible points for our minds to gather How now we must run in middle of speaking the cause of turbulant weather The 4th now regularly pointing to the regular broken records Points...
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    Black Poetry : The N word

    That's my name don't wear it out!
  3. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : L M N Oh

    Crazy hu? I'd say It's the story for me now Taken backs go on & on I'm guessin' rhymebad and his Hip Hop flow Ask me always for my show It's real though they say As L M N O P Question is how much corn has turned Showing them rhythms throughout sounds turnings into founds Be live which astownes...
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    Black Poetry : The N word

    Well I tend to be alike to N word My name is Nikki for our world Any who When I work w/ foreign who Me not the workers that show Any ways They always have used the word like toys Being in the nail shop Nigras come & go Words come out w/ a strengthening tone to so up their wounds Words are wond...
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    Black Poetry : Survive to not sever

    Which way shall I go To not believe in myself as ours grow Hours continue to be our rival While every 3 months or so we set out for our revival The meetings seem to all ways contain forgiveness The remembrance Blessings have let us indulge Learning how ties hold our bond not showing looseness...
  6. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Settlin' in

    For the time we have on the run We continuously ponder on the view of the sun Beginning w/ the rise of my hormones Emotional lights sometimes feeling vibrations as tones Today being the day I will hone in on my trail to be taken Today being closer then yesterday can not be shaken Trail of...
  7. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Chuch

    Videos of here I go Go Go Servoe Having the O yes To become then obsessed Parishioners asking about my view from them Loving to become who I fathom The needs & the wants all given @ once We become a team wit a lifelong insurance These suits & skirts will take us... From colors of violence to...
  8. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Treat you right

    Searching for that one Every now & then Smiling into the summer time Honking the horn to hear the chimes Shaking as your response begins flick then lights in the day Real story as I really coped up Didn't follow as turn Went to the trap On me as usual.
  9. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Becoming as if

    I was put in the .... eeror Wanting to always know your ferror That your of course inferior or It could be just me Seriously Speaking has my back always OK The error I'm in is now Needing help from my fellow neighbor this time It is daily auroa Exhibited in this area As if this is our error OH...
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    Black Poetry : One of those

    Beholding my art through a soulful grin Of the scene described w/ a shot of sinful gin Needing individuals interpretations Not always respected or excepted fruition's You may be one of those dudes hue, roy g biv, fame or chance Believe me those shots are your choice Me not knowing u/ enables me...
  11. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : No Home

    Emptying my heart to the future that beholds me Holding on to certain things to be Normally picked up @ the store outside my once occupied flat Now that where my things got sat Not having a breath left to live My language is now strictly broken english from settlers jivin' Now putting myself out...
  12. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Bright Colors

    Let me have some Over that sun burnt threesome Yellow what's trending today Green growing in between what I say Red being my all found way to scream When the love gonna overcome my free cream Lets indigo these blues Clear white question marks come through as our man kind truths State of mind...
  13. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Dog advisory board

    I think he likes me:) Do I need your click To rise this stick Your approval seems to lead my way Loaning my swag is the all around way In order for me to be your first Your thirst To get invited to run through View my sights meet me @ the dog park though Run over my infamous killer machines Get...
  14. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : Getting across

    Talking for the 1st person, 2nd person and 3rd person Overstanding everyones conversations in succession Wanting to really get back Something is calling 4 facts All the time committed to current revenues Your strength through views 3's in this Me You & Us Matter as usual chatter Coming 2 gather...
  15. candeesweet

    Black Poetry : SJ2MM

    Strange Jobs 2 Make Money To others assuming this isn't the road to change Strangeness is the unknown committed to survival Ways of satisfaction is not willing to change Making ourselves up daily to become the money maker you form Going out of your way to show up To be the title you've been...
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    Support : Becoming a Premium Member

    It's all good! Relax! We have come so far with You Always in our corner supporting us! The Fam has total patience for your excellence! Which you give consistently! Thank You For being here for ME Destee! I Love You Sis! Nikki
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    Black Poetry : Hairoic

    Freedom does not seem to be free How people look at my individual send their minds too drawn in a sea Of judgement no doubt Feeling of me taunting How is tht jungle yours & how did this happen Swinging it around no one can fathom these individuals not being able to begin Classes can be taken A...
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    Support : Becoming a Premium Member

    Found it on my profile page as an option!
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    Support : Becoming a Premium Member

    Hello Tech Support and Destee Love your new layout and I hope your happy! I can't find the button to become a Premium Member. Let me know:)
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    Black Poetry : Simply gravy

    The toppings that only protein can take Potatoes being in between Built w/ all things white but coming out blk as day Catch 22 built up to be quite obvious Dark all ways coming for taste We want that man made crisp edges fall off frivolously Still melting naturally maybe a drull comes fast...