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  1. GodofTomorrow

    Black People : A Place to Stay (Houston, TX)

    Good morning!.. well, not so good morning. I'm in a really ****** up situation and I'm looking for someone with a kind heart to give my wife and our puppy a chance to get on our feet. Going outside isn't an option. Shelters aren't an option. Our families aren't an option. I had a bunch of...
  2. GodofTomorrow

    Black People : Black Nationalism, Or Why We Need Exclusive Community

    I've been reading a little bit about Black Nationalism. Let me tell you what I've mainly found: 1. Black nationalists are racists, fanatics, and violent. They are for the racial superiority of Black/African people. 2. Black nationalists stand for the upliftment of black people, through moral...
  3. GodofTomorrow

    Writing Discussion : It's Called a "Round Robin"

    So there's this concept called a "round robin". Basically you take whatever was written before you and run with it, altering the story however you want. It doesn't have to be with the same characters or anything and such things can be discussed. I feel that this along with roleplaying will help...
  4. GodofTomorrow

    Black Men : Black Brothers are Gods In the Making

    Dear brothers: we are gods in the making. No matter your spiritual or religious beliefs, please know this as fact. I know you because I know the passion that flows through my veins. You want to be better. You want to be the man you imagine without restrictions. You want to be a man she is proud...
  5. GodofTomorrow

    Black Spirituality Religion : Gods of Tomorrow

    I have done quite a bit of research. It is all informal, mind you, but every scrap of wisdom -- that resonated -- was saved and kept safe for just this moment. I always take what I say very seriously. I live by it. I do not accept mediocrity, willful ignorance, or unjust violence. Little did I...
  6. GodofTomorrow

    The Front Porch : The Tomorrow People

    Good evening. I have never even heard of this site until just yesterday. I have not had very much luck on mainstream communities and I'm looking for something specific. I hope to re-bond with black brothers and sisters without the limitations of the white man's world. I am looking to re-create...