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  1. Shalai

    Africa : Out of Africa theory in Question?

    What do you think about this --> And what do you think about these people? according to them AA ain't Africans.
  2. Shalai

    Black Spirituality Religion : Traditional African belief systems

    Okay, so can anyone give me information about traditional African belief systems? Does traditional African beliefs fit in with the new age movement? Is the new Age movement off base? And does this reptilian thing have any bases in truth? How credible is Credo Mutwa? and why do I get the...
  3. Shalai

    Niger : Twin Pyramids found in Niger

    Wow has anyone read about the twin Pyramids found in Niger? Here is the link--> Now look at this all the way at the bottom of the page almost.'' ebruary 29, 2012, after...
  4. Shalai

    Law Forum : The Mike Brown Shooting

    Has anyone came across this story? --->
  5. Shalai

    Black People : Poisoning of black people

    :hi: I'm new here. I'm not sure if this has been discussed. But I would like to have a discussion about our government poisoning our people; and most of us don't even know/realize it.(Not talking about people on the board necessary) I'm going to start off with fluoride in the water. Black people...