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    Black Spirituality Religion : Word of YHVH for today

    praises praise YHWH all seek and find everyone has their own opionion of the creators name and beliefs i think that they as a human and member of the human race are entitled to that. when religion comes in to play people get up in arms and war it is a time to stop the the religious...
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    Black Poetry : thoughts in motions....

    feelin this Hey MBA once again droppin a tyte flow i feel u on this feel the same way gotta keep ya head up and keep strivin we will get there fa sho Shalom Yahsistah
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    Black Poetry : i never knew

    love thanks for the love yall this came off the top of my head Shalom Yahsistah
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    Black Poetry : Bye,Bye oe Now Fambly (everyone please check this out....)

    Story..... Shalom my sistah Story, I am so sorry to hear u will be away for a while. I am praying for u sistah and u do what u need to do for u. If you need to reach me for prayer or guidance you can always reach me via email, yahoo or msn all of which are listed on my profile here on...
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    Black Poetry : i never knew

    i never knew..... how much i loved u and then ur were gone and i was alone i never knew that i would miss u i thought oh i would be strong i never knew the depths of my soul longing and yearning to have u near i never knew wondering why someone didnt say see i told u so i never...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : These from Las Yurr

    after 2nite the performance was........ didnt happen yet...... will let u know after 2nite....... thanks for asking shalom and blessings
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : This is Auset!

    hey sista hey sistah good to meet u nice pics was just checking out ur site very nice indeed Much love and blessings shalom Yah
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : These from Las Yurr

    nice pics hey brother antar nice to see u glad u put ur pics up lookin good mos def shalom and blessings yah
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    Black Poetry : CoLd NiGhTs

    brilliant!!! your wisdom and knowledge is great i can only imagine that will just get better as u grow keep it up sistah you give me faith and hope in the future for my own children much love and blessings shalom yah
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    Black Poetry : Sister,Sister ~ MBA and Nita Collab~

    Sistahs.... like whoa very powerful very moving a classic piece i enjoyed reading it and was feeling every drop much Love to my sistahs u laid it down fa sho shalom yah
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    Black Poetry : I can tell you......

    very nice that was a serious poem u just dropped like i said u got skillz much love and blessings shalom yah
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Va is for Lovers

    hey hey scorpio brethren i assume u is a scorpio too by ur name well good to see u welcome to the fam shalom YahYah
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    Black Events : Invitation to the Fam

    :idea: I will be perfoming in NYC at the Village East Theatre 181-189 Second Ave (12th St and 2nd Ave) New York, NY 10003 On May the 1st (saturday) at 11:45pm to 12:00am You can check out this site as there is more info there NY International Film and Music Festival I hope that everyone...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Hey Yall dis me

    ur too kind :thanks: antar- thanks, i dig my hair too! lol where ur pic??? Nita- U know u lookin way betta than me where ur pic at sistah im QQ for it!!! Hodee- thx i seen u peeped my pic I seen urs too!! Much Love and Blessings Shalom Yah Yah
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Just me the caramel one.

    I knew i seen u Just u bein u huh. I knew I seen your pic lol. If I am not mistaken I thought there was a few more. Well just wanted to let u know I peeped it. Much Love and Blessings YahYah
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    Black Poetry : My words lay across

    in tha depths sistah sistah sistah, that trully touched me in the depths of my soul crying sad and wonderful tears of joy and pain very beautiful sistah :heart: shalom
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    Black Poetry : I miss u

    feelin the love awww thanks yall sistah gempis thanks for that addition yeah i know its about time i finally dropped a flow on here right actually its a song/something ibeen working on not really done yet but thought i'd share it much love blessings yall
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    Black Poetry : I miss u

    actually actually..... its a song that i wrote lol and i first sang it then just now wrote it down in here. are u a singer??
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    Black Poetry : I miss u

    I miss u and i miss u and i miss you and i wish that u were here theres so much i want to say right now but the words keep getting in the way i miss u and i miss u and i miss u and i wish that u were near every mornin that i wake up i look to see your face only to see that your not...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : Hey Yall dis me

    aww thanks Thanks sistah story yeah my kids are cute like i said cuter than me but they is a handful waiting to see u sistah lol when that gon be ???????????? Much Love and blessings