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  1. Josef

    Black People : Today was a good day!

    This morning in the early hours, my daughter sent me a text wishing me a happy fathers day. She recently moved out with her Mother, and ften cries telling me how she doesn't want to be too far apart from me. She is turning 18 this coming tuesday, and I assure her that we won't drift too far...
  2. Josef

    Black Relationships : Situationship

    So:uhh:...I've known this Woman for around 5 years or so. We have always gotten along very well, and between the two of us we both have sort've been feeling each others vibe but haven't really came out and told one another. Well last summer, she had got married, and of course I wasn't...
  3. Josef

    Black Poetry : ....seeking shelter from heavens "REIGN"....

    Swooped through the sky, with the hopes that I'd find, me a radiant soul chained to the Globe, but set free,... what sets him apart, is the expression from his heart, he applied to his life all that he borrowed from his dreams. awaits with the patience of a newborns, thoughts being formed...
  4. Josef

    Black Jokes Humor : old lady doin tooo much! fakes injury in court...

    Talk about a drama queen.. sheeesh! :em2300: you can hear people in the courtroom groaning like "come on now, it aint even that serious" :SuN049:
  5. Josef

    Black People : Massacre Caught on Tape!: could this be why they hate you?!

    For info, you can see Raptors Post "Collateral Murder"
  6. Josef

    Black Entertainment : Brother Kam Moye " Black Enough"

    For those who dont know...check him out, & pass the word!
  7. Josef

    Black People : Argentina Province oks chemical castration

    They of course are not pioneers, but it does speak volumes about the frustrations of having to deal with what seems to be a proliferating problem. Either that or news media outlets are helping open our eyes to this sickness. Argentina though is letting chemical castration be voluntary for...
  8. Josef

    Black People : ‘All black people leave the store now,’ public-address system said Sunday

    This that Bullsh*t they be on.... what are they really trying to provoke us to do? :bully: :10500:
  9. Josef

    Black People : you know what irritates the heck outta me?!

    crappy service... By no means am I a nick picker ok, but nothing frustrates me more than having to pay for shabby service work. The other day I had Comcast come out to hook up my cable, well the initial call went well and all, a tech came by to run new lines inside the house that I...
  10. Josef

    Black People : Good News: African, African-American Students “Team” Up

    News You Should Know wants to start the day with positive news. A group of kids from a charter school in New Jersey are giving back to their peers in the Motherland by raising money for students in Rwanda and Kenya...
  11. Josef

    Black People : A Boy Like Me..

    This is a short piece that I feel goes right along with the thread "Little Black Girls are Ugly" Bill cosby host "A Boy Like Me" I do warn, it is quite disturbing Now, this video is a bit dated, however I ask that we all take time to...
  12. Josef

    Black People : Guillermo Farinas

    I am ready in this hunger strike to go to the ultimate consequences, including my death," he said. "If they release those political prisoners, I stop my strike," The 48-year-old psychologist and freelance writer stopped eating and taking liquids on February 24, a day after Cuban...
  13. Josef

    Black People : Pay cut to save a coworker?

    If you had the option, would you give up 10% of your salary in return for saving the jobs of your co-workers? Or would you rather take a couple of unpaid furlough days a month? Or would it be better just to lay off 10% of the workforce? In trying to close a budget gap, Los Angeles city...
  14. Josef

    Egypt : Massive head of pharaoh unearthed in Egypt

    CAIRO - Archaeologists have unearthed a massive red granite head of one Egypt's most famous pharaohs who ruled nearly 3,400 years ago The leader of the expedition that discovered the head described it as the best preserved sculpture of Amenhotep III's face found to date...
  15. Josef

    Black People : Dr Henry Clarke: Tell our children, our history

    Our Master Teacher (PBUH)
  16. Josef

    Black People : "For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today"

    Early and Very Early Parenting Maternal Emotions and Human Development By Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. (1995) Most everyone is in some way familiar with the impact that the mother’s material (chemical) content has upon human development. However, very few are aware that the mother also passes...
  17. Josef

    Black People : Minister Farrakhan speaks on Brother MJ

    This was prior to Michaels passing, but I believe it rings true even more so, since the Minister does not appear to ride the Band wagon, and has stood up, and been down with him...RIP Brother...