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    Black People : PRE-ORDER: Where is the love? How Language Can Reorient Us Back to Love’s Purpose

    Where is the love? How Language Can Reorient Us Back to Love’s Purpose is a linguistic examination of the word "love" in Indo-European and African languages. This text essentially asks the question, "How does our understanding of the word love, linguistically, affect our application of the...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Esoteric Science of SPITTIN

    Peace Phamily I recently had a dream in which I woke up and had a revelation about something which I decided to write down and express it in an article. I don't remember the dream at all, but I woke up with a picture in mind and this is what i came up with. I am really not sure what forum this...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Towards a method for a refined reading of hieroglyphs

    Towards a method for a refined reading of hieroglyphs by Mujilu Mukatapa (Asar Imhotep) MOCHA Versity Institute of Philosophy and Research This brief post is concerned with how to properly interpret the so-called determinatives in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. We will demonstrate that...
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    Black Entertainment : The Blue Pill (new lounge-house track)

    The Blue Pill by The Black Lotus (Asar Imhotep)
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    Black Spirituality Religion : ARTICLE: Prt m Hrw - Reinterpretations

    Greetings Phamily I recently completed an article titled Prt M Hrw: Reinterpretations. In this essay I sought to bring about a new understanding for the meaning being Prt m Hrw (Book of the Dead), and its purpose in ancient ciKam (Egyptian) society. We accomplish this, of course, by...
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    Black People : Article: Renaming Africa

    Greetings Phamily I hope all is well. I have just recently finished an article in which I have suggested a new name for Africa. Please review and give me your feedback. As many of you know I have made it my life's mission to restore and reconstruct something that has been taken away from us as...
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    Destee Network : Asar Imhotep debate on blogtalkradio Sun. May 16 9pm Eastern

    Greetings Phamily Please join me this Sunday May 16th @ 8pm Central Standard Time (9pm Eastern) as I engage in a debate/dialogue with author Kamau Makesi-Tehuti (How to make a Negro Christian) on the topic "Are we Americans with Africanisms? Or are we Africans with Americanisms?" I will...
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    African American History Culture : Could Kongo be Modern KMT?

    Greetings Phamily I have recently finished an article titled Could the Kongo be Modern Kmt in which I make a linguistical argument that the place-name Kongo is the same as Km.t. I also address whether Km.t refers to black people or the black soil: a debate that has going on for decades...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Reinterpretations of the ANKH Symbol: Revised Edition

    Greetings Pham In November of 2009 I wrote an article titled Reinterpretations of the Ankh Symbol: Sign of a Master Teacher. I revised the article last night and it is ready for your review. I have come across new information that further strengthens my initial argument and also raises new...
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    African Traditional Religion : African doctrine of Simultaneous Validity

    Greetings Phamily I wanted to share with you a sample chapter from my latest book The Bakala of North America: The Living Suns of Vitality. This is Appendix C titled Simultaneous Validity. I think this is very instructive for those who may think that it is unAfrican to come up with your own...
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    Destee Network : The Bakala website has launched

    Greetings Phamily Just wanted to inform the community that the Bakala of North America Website has launched. I will be updating in another week. Anyone who is a writer, poet and researcher who would like to post articles on the website, please get at me and register on the site. Check out...
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    Egypt : Our Lineage - Egypt, The Bible, Ifa and the African-American

    I would love to do this lecture/workshop in your city. If you have connections or means to make this happen, please holla at me. This lecture is very important and practical for the people.
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    Black People : Academic vs Street vs Good Scholarship

    Greetings Phamily Please join us this Sunday January 24, 2010 for a riveting and informative discussion on our blog talk radio program Simba Simbi. Our discussion topic is titled Academic vs. Street vs. Good Scholarship. There appears to be an upsurge in the interest of African culture and...
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    Black People : Asar Imhotep - Book Signing - Houston, TX

    Greetings Phamily I will be in Houston on Saturday February 6th from 6-9 pm doing a book signing and discussion at the new Beaucoup Bar and Grill location off of OST to discuss my new book The Bakala of North America: The Living Suns of Vitality. I hope you can make it out and show your...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : God Don't Give A ****!

    I have just finished a brief article titled God Don't Give A **** and I think its contents might interest this forum. Please read and provide feedback to the article. CLICK HERE Ancestrally, Asar Imhotep http://www.***************
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    Destee Network : The Bakala of North America is now available

    Greetings Phamily Here is some information on my latest book, The Bakala of North America: The Living Suns of Vitality. If you order the print version of my book and type in the word KWANZAA in the "coupon code" field during your checkout, it will take $5 off of the price. Thursday Dec. 24...
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    Black Authors : Metaphysics, The 7 Chambers of Poetry & The heART of MC'ing

    http://www.***************/images/stories/flyers/7chambers_front.jpg http://www.***************/images/stories/flyers/7chambers_back.jpg If you will be in the Houston, TX area on this date, stop through.
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    Black Authors : Esodus: Internal Reflections & Conversations with the SUN

    Hello! My name is Asar Imhotep and I recently released my first book, “Esodus: Internal Reflections and Conversations with the Sun.” It is the first personal anthology to combine Africana history and contemporary and ancient philosophy with poetry. A press release is below. You can find more...
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    Black People : Can Consciousness & Wealth Co-Exist?

    Date: Sunday 3/02/2008 Time: 6:00 PM Central Standard Time Category: Culture Call-in Number: (347) 326-9377 We are sorry for the technical difficulties from the first show which forced us to start later than scheduled. But we have that all fixed now. Be sure to tune in this Sunday March...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The Mystery School of Africa - Baabe Irving

    The Mystery School of Africa - Baabe Irving My first exposure to the initiatory culture of Burkina Faso, West Africa, came several years ago with the reading of the book Of Water and The Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Some. I remember not being able to put that book down, as I was fascinated by...