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    Black Relationships : Platonic Friendships...hummm?

    This same thread has been up before/same question asked years ago. As for me, I've got four very close platonic friends, and used to have a fifth. Like someone stated earlier, you have to establish boundaries. I've done that with all five. I think I'd probably go off the deep end if I could only...
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    Black Relationships : Your Definition of SEX APPEAL

    In order to answer the question, I think of the most physically appealing (or sexiest) men I've known. There are a few things they all have in common. 1. They don't TRY to be sexy, but they have a natural aura that is just disarming in its sultriness.:hearts1: It's even more appealing that they...
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    Black Relationships : Biggest Issues in Black relationships

    Riada, actually, I got the gist of "RMV" with or without any examples, and what was stated about RMV just doesn't fit with a lot of mate selection scenarios. Also, I didn't think he dealt with how people should as opposed to do choose a mate. I was simply agreeing that SOME people choose by RMV...
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    Black Relationships : Biggest Issues in Black relationships

    Riada, I thank you for that reference. While I can appreciate the author's theory, and obviously some of his observations hold true (like the way some of us tend to choose mates), there is a major problem with this RMV thing according to the examples you provided. On the surface, it looks like...
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    Black Relationships : Biggest Issues in Black relationships

    And I hope you are not offended by or attempting to discredit my "box of thoughts," as you seem transparently defensive, brotha.
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    Black Relationships : Biggest Issues in Black relationships

    I sincerely hope that is true. None of us is above or below the next person, though there may be some trait we see in someone of the opposite sex, which we perceive as superior. For example, some men look for the most subjectively physically attractive mate they can find. Yet, they are not the...
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    Black Relationships : Biggest Issues in Black relationships

    Reunion There have been some excellent points made here, and I think if brothers sincerely seek an understanding of women and how they choose men, they would be wise to heed the words of Riada and Sanaiah25, as well as jgyknowledge (flashy men win the flashy women that the non-flashy men...
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    Black Haiku : A Woman Scorned

    $$RICH$$ness! How on earth did you find this old piece? I thank you with blessings. :toast:
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    Black Poetry : I pledge allegiance

    Wow... :jumping: :teach: Welcome to the Poetry Forum, Ra. If you wrote that piece, you should be published!.
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    Poet of the Week : Poet of the Week (Tha Emissary)

    Congratulations, Poet Tha-Emissary! I am looking forward to paying special attention to your work this week. :toast: :picture:
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    Black Poetry : Familiar Faces

    Whoah, I'm nearly speechless.. It's been a long while since I've been absorbed like that into a piece, Wisdom7. I almost cried. Deeply felt. I can relate only too well. You definitely have this craft mastered. :spinstar:
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    Black Poetry : Peremptory Procreation

    ‘Tis not my fault, so halt your assault against my cookies most naturally Carved for Nookie and no (ahem) I’m no rookie Yet I’m all but sloth So be not wroth Nor filled with froth When your sight reveals male suitors’ appeals to cipherically fulfill Love’s peak height by...
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    Black Poetry : Gravity

    ...then Gravity pulls us back to the surface... Been there & dunnit, Poet. Thank you for Scribing real life with such precision. One
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    Black Poetry : She's Pretty Now

    Wow, I'm humbled by the love... I just want to give deep thanks to you all who have taken the time to read this and give feedback. I love you all, my fellow Scribes. Infinite:love:
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    Black Poetry : CAN YOU RELATE (U)

    Oh, my my my Poet mistaliberator~ Congratulations on being named Poet of the Week. I see by this piece that the title is well deserved. I would love to hear this one spoken. Love the flow. Infinite Nia
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    Black Poetry : She's Pretty Now

    Give thanks for the :love:, fellow Poets and Poetesses. Much love. Nia
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    Black Poetry : She's Pretty Now

    In her “ugly” days she hated her ugly ways But she’s pretty now Today she walks tall when she strolls the mall Cause she’s pretty now her self-esteem went through the roof the day the old herself went Poof! Snap! She’s pretty now Hair now long, silky and straight she got the most...
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    Black Poetry : Illusion of SELF

    Felt, Sis...felt You scribe it real up in here. Reminds me of something I once wrote. Coming right up.
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    Black Poetry : tANKHa 3

    :blowkiss:, Your $$RICHness$$, :blowkiss:
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    Black Poetry : tANKHa 3

    Poetics by Scribe Something like the Dalit class The bow he takes is In response to my applause for His Untouchableness Funny...I don't feel ill...but illLUMINATED by his Energy or "Inner G". Glow, that is Like Sun penetrating Earth. I bask in his light Awaiting his emergence...