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    Black Poetry : Peremptory Procreation

    ‘Tis not my fault, so halt your assault against my cookies most naturally Carved for Nookie and no (ahem) I’m no rookie Yet I’m all but sloth So be not wroth Nor filled with froth When your sight reveals male suitors’ appeals to cipherically fulfill Love’s peak height by...
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    Black Poetry : She's Pretty Now

    In her “ugly” days she hated her ugly ways But she’s pretty now Today she walks tall when she strolls the mall Cause she’s pretty now her self-esteem went through the roof the day the old herself went Poof! Snap! She’s pretty now Hair now long, silky and straight she got the most...
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    Black Poetry : tANKHa 3

    Poetics by Scribe Something like the Dalit class The bow he takes is In response to my applause for His Untouchableness Funny...I don't feel ill...but illLUMINATED by his Energy or "Inner G". Glow, that is Like Sun penetrating Earth. I bask in his light Awaiting his emergence...
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    Black People : Homosexuals and Public Lavatories

    For obvious reasons, public lavatories are gender-restricted. Even though we all know that not all men are perverts or sexual predators, how many of us would feel comfortable allowing men to occupy the same restroom facility as our daughters? Let's take it a step further. Homosexuals or...
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    Black Poetry : The Roach Man

    Roach Man cometh creep through your door uninvited caller homeless... poor He knows your gullabilities detects free cooch everything available Roach Man will freely mooch Sample all your foodstuffs until fully fed crawl into your bed nightly but never wed Roach men run in droves...
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    Black People : Sadaam H to be Tried... Uh-oh Imagining Saddam's trial The deposed dictator might call Donald Rumsfeld and a host of American leaders -- as defense witnesses. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Barry Lando Dec. 16, 2003 | It's a good bet that...
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    Black Relationships : "Racial Intermarriage...On the rise in USA"

    View the full text of the article here: In this (admittedly dated) article, USA Today April 7, 1997 further reported that "Asian-American women marry out at a...
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    "Mother... Father... we need to talk... brother/sister and I are in love and want to marry. We've already been intimate."
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    Black Haiku : Focus in Bloom

    collecting my thoughts like scattered flower petals to regain wholeness
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    Black Relationships : Is there any hope for Ebony male/female unions?

    Either our standards are set too high (not higher than we can personally fill), we're in the wrong places at the wrong times, or it is a pipedream to maintain faith that SOME Ebony men out there are going to appreciate and respect an Ebony woman who is fully up to the challenge of building...
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    Parents Separated from their Children

    Whose responsibility is it to maintain contact?
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    Black Relationships : Marriage and Privacy

    Is it acceptable/expected for a husband and wife couple to have private matters they do not share with one another?
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    Black Poetry : Dymolishn, Anyone? "Happily Un-Nappily: A Tale of Chemical Dependency"

    This peace was created by a Scribe by the name of Dymolishn (who will hopefully join us here some day) "HAPPILY UN-NAPPILY": A Tale of Chemical Dependency "Yo' head is nappy and you don't know yo' pappy," spoke my Mama before me and my siblings three. But we all knew who she was...
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    Black Poetry : Poetics for Newbie

    Hit us with your flow that we may come to know precisely how you vibe with Destee Family Scribes We welcome you with open arms to witness how our $$RICHNE$$ charms & hope that you will sit a spell submerged within the Poetry well make yourself at home among us elders, mothers, fathers...
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    Black Haiku : Diamond Vows

    Hand in hand they strolled Their eyes told of love enduring Five decades strong
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    Black Poetry : Driver and Passenger

    One two three four five six seven
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    Black Poetry : Come, Lay Your Head On My Pillow

    (Excerpts from the full peace, published in Wordsmith Underground Anthology 2001) Reciprocal Love, in fullest bloom The two of us, with missions in tune Come closer, don't be timid Drop the inhibitions, and let's get vivid Two nude canvases...neon paint Imaginations...with no restraint...
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    Black Poetry : Daily Trip

    One two three four five six seven
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    Black Poetry : Disowned

    The last time I saw him I was 16 years old surely I thought after eleven long years he must have changed for the better time would have grown fond his heart I needed to forgive be forgiven and attain closure His answer to my heartfelt letter brought flashbacks that stabbed at old...
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    Black Poetry : Won Over

    I see him staring yet pretend not to notice for my desire burns only for you he has a nice smile and his pecs are impressive but I can't wait to join you for lunch acknowledging his compliment I smiled very sweetly recalling your breath on my shoulder there is no contest you've won...