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    Africa : Are Latinos / Hispanics - 'Africans' too?

    Is there any reason why you're attacking me with that rhetoric? I am Latina and identify with all that is in me. On top of that, I haven't said one thing for you to lash out at me with that. Thanks a lot for the comment of "using up your resources". Forget about typing anything anymore in here...
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    Black Relationships : What types of gifts do you buy your MAN for Christmas?

    Opening my mouth here is OK cause he won't know. I got a pretty decent deal on a trip to Tahiti for just the two of us. :couple: I think after so many years, it's time to get back down to nature and do that second honeymoon. I'm getting this HUGE gift wrapped box and putting the tickets all the...
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    Pan-Africanism : Africa And Her People!

    Another wise post here. Wow, there's so much I just don't know.
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    Africa : Have you been to Africa? Do you care?

    I went to Oshogbo one time. It was a profound experience. It's so different there. The bush country is ruggedly beautiful! I would like to visit again if I could find the time.
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    Africa : Are Latinos / Hispanics - 'Africans' too?

    Wow, dada, this is some deep stuff here. There's a lot there to investigate. Ima have to revisit this again. Spoken like a tru omo-Chango. You go! Perate, where's my flag?! lol
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    Africa : are there any African martial arts systems?

    I know a lot of capoeriastas including two of my own kids and those people don't look white to me. They look Black African. A lot of them are a few generations off from Africa. Slavery didn't end until late in Brazil. If Africans aren't doing it, then do the math. You've got the internet at your...
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    Pan Africanism : Latino or Afro-Latino? You decide!

    I just did my nails and I can't really type what I am trying to say. But I am not singling anyone out by saying "Please be respectful". I meant it to all those who like to bare their teeth in these posts. Yes, Pan, respect is importnt. Z
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    Pan Africanism : Latino or Afro-Latino? You decide!

    But you're the boss here. I'm just a spectator. If we all stretch our cultural minds somehow, maybe we can have a good conversation instead of a violent discourse. Anyways..... Happy holidays to all!!! :hearts2: :hearts2: :hearts2:
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    Pan Africanism : Latino or Afro-Latino? You decide!

    I understand, papi, but pleeeeease....... I am getting a headache over here trying to read through these posts. It's a cheerful time of the year (should be every day, but still). Let's not get into a pissing contest with each other. I also speak Spanish and it also my 1st language, but jeeez...
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    Pan Africanism : Latino or Afro-Latino? You decide!

    I don't think she is invalidating anything there. It seems that there is a gap of difference between those Cubans who live in Miami and those who are living in Cuba. As a Puerto Rican and a Latina, I can understand both sides of this situation. Sometimes people can run hot over political...
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    Amun-Ra : Were We Always Christian?

    I am a Yayi and find that it helps me out more than Christianity ever did. Although Lucumi spread out of Cuba around 1959, Mayombe has been around wherever there were African-decended people. In Puerto Rico, Congo religion was always there. It blended with the Taino spiritualism that still...
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    It isn't hard for me to do that to my husband- he's bald. :baby: My kids like me to cut their hair since I do that for a living anyway.
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    Black Children : Spanish vs. Black

    Both Blacks and "Spanish" (?) people seem to call each OTHER the "N" word. Fight ignorance, not each other. :kiss2: