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  • Brother Yeremiyah Ben Ysrayl ... i just updated your Premium Member account, applying the time you purchased to this name, and removed it from the other name. Thanks so much for your love, support, and financial help ... it's an honor ... Thank You! <3
    Brother Yeremiyah Ben Ysrayl ... i saw your request in the shoutbox about your premium membership, the other name, etc., and will get it all straight for you asap ... give me a minute ... and i'll send you another note letting you know i've taken care of it all ... Love You and Thanks! <3
    Please don't, it means more work for me ... just post your stuff Yeremiyah, and I will continue to share what I know about a topic, okay bro.?
    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY !!! ... Thank You Brother Yeremiyah Ben Ysrayl ... Thank You Thank You Thank You !!! <3
    Praise the Most-High...that I still have the breath of life in me...Halleluyah...Only Be strong and Courageous in YAH and his son Yahoshua.
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