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    Black People : Blackness cannot be a state of mind

    About the subject-whether it's it state of mind or not. Black people do get the 'n word' wake up call in a form or fashion in this society-whether, albino,passin(and whitefolks know), conservative(or other terms you like), liberal, in a same race relationship,i /r relationship, law abidin...
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    Black People : Blackness cannot be a state of mind

    Excuse me for being dense, haven't been here too often. I shake my head atkarmashines. She stated that she married an Asian man once in the past and never went out her way to publicize it or put down brothas in the past, hence she very rarely got flamed.Others who did the opposite justifiably...
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    Black People : Asian love

    James. Don't really know the answer to your question.What of Filopinos? Are they considered Asian? Reason I asked was that of all Asians they as a group SEEM to tolerate Black people of Asians that I personally see(my experience only) seem to marry and date Blacks more than any Asian group(Some...
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    Black People : The more educated you are, less tolerance you have for poor blacks

    Maybe things may have changed, yet remained the same. From my elders when I was growing up(in the 60's), there were tales of during the Depression-white folks helped poorer whites and vice versa Black people helped poor whites. May still be the prevailing attitude that well off or better...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : I feel like sharing

    YOWSERS!!! WOWSERS!!! What beauty!!!
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    Black Relationships : black women/white men

    Why is this topic still here? I thought it was locked!!! Where is that siggy-not this s*** again!!?? When you need it?
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    Black Relationships : Is there a big difference between dating Latin VS. Black Men Or Woman

    Shouldn't this be addressed in the Pan-African section? We do have brothers and sisters there of the diaspora who are 'Hispanic' from the Dominican Republic and other countries who can speak on the subject from the African-centered perspective and from knowledge of the white and lighter skin...
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    Black People : Blk Men Attacked by Crazed PMS women!

    Spicy, not too much of a beer drinker now. Gone Biblically old school-WINE!!!!
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    Black People : Blk Men Attacked by Crazed PMS women!

    The Inquisitor is at work! But I ain't talking under penalty of death from 'THEM'.
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    Black People : Blk Men Attacked by Crazed PMS women!

    Shhhhh!?? They can smell FEAR!!!!!
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    Black People : Blacks with Whites - In The Media

    I seriously hope that Wesley Snipes DOES succeed in making the Black Panther and this time do not have ANY interracial angle in it. Since this was Marvel Comics-one of the original Black superheroes.
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    Black People : Blacks with Whites - In The Media

    pan in the comic Fantastic Four-Alisia is a white woman but blind like the character in the movie. In DareDevil-the Kingpin is a Black man. If they wanted a white to play him-they could have used Butterbean(the white fighter) and dubbed either James Earl Jones' or Michael Clarke Duncan's voice.
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    Black People : White Executed For Murdering Black?

    Like I said I did not know the particular of the prior white execution-but they kept emphasizing during the Donald trial-that it has happened before.