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  • Writspirit,

    Good to hear from you again. We now have our own Forum...Origin of Racism Group....within that forum are several threads, the break-down and purposes are as follows:

    Destee-Schedule Change.....( for schedule changes)
    Brotha Clyde.......................( announcements, notes, updates, questions etc...)
    Check Mic for Sound...........( instructions of mic checks)
    Original Thread....................(What is the Origin of Racism [contains material for editing])
    Group Thread......................( What is the Origin of Racism Group [for making group changs])

    Not only should you review all, but in the Brotha Clyde Thread will contain any updates on attendance and high-lights of group think discusions. Feel free to post any questions you may have to that thread, also research the thread for notes left for you, and review the thread for brief notes on discussions and activity of Group Think, etc...

    Writspirit, you must trust me. I will hesitate to notify of any significant changes:). You know I will catch you in the forums, the shout-box, PM's and profile notes, right?:). Now, what is your response to my last note to you?

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    That would rule you out from Group Think until your system is mic ready, sorry about that. But shortly, editing will be needed, which could be performed at night since that is a good time for you. Looks like we are back at square one then:). As I explained to you before, your input could easily be incorporated through not only editing but feedback directly from the material being edited.

    Glad jury duty is over for you, we had another fantastic meeting today, in attendance was Keita, Zulile, brown_hOrnet and myself. A007 was absent. In spite of Obama mania, we were able to focus on the necessity of our mission being completed in a timely manner.

    What I find Writspirit, is that if you ever make a Group Think meeting, it is imperative that you do a mic check with lilpea well before time. The problem we are having now is sound related and takes up most of the hour. Based on tight schedules, we must become more effiicient, which means being ready at 9:00 am Central to start. Over-time, we will become more proficient and focused on the prize.

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