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    I disagree with this post and the questions you ask of anAfrican as to why we can't do those things in Africa. Realistically speaking, WE don't even try it here, so what magic wand are u waving that's going to make African Americans do it just because they land on African soil? Our ANCESTORS...
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    Black Poetry : he who visits me nightly

    I know that feeling all to often. Especially that last line. I like how you broke it down, feeling incomplete without him and the memories!!!! (ok I'm starting to have flashbacks of my own sh---t and gettin mad!) LOL!! Get u some shampoo sista, it's all good!
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    Black Poetry : Series of Serious Events

    I thought u were going to end with a cliff hanger! Thank God, cuz a sistah wanted to know what happened!! That was really entertaining! Great write poet!
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    Black Poetry : Balance

    This is a pretty poem. I don't know any other word to describe it, but it is really "pretty"!
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    Black Poetry : So, You Say that You Want to Call Me Sometime...

    Loved this one watzinaname! I like the creativity, the "eargasm". I'm going to have to use that word and wondering the true purpose of why they want the number! This was reeeaaall!!!
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    Black Poetry : I AM

    Loving the blackness! :o Great write!
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    Black Poetry : T}{e Trut}{

    Well now you've come to the right place, where the world will seem a little brighter. Welcom poet! Great work! :great:
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    Black Poetry : BUBBLE BATH .....

    U make a bubble bath sound so heavenly!!! Nice poem Rich! :o
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    Black Poetry : She Doesn't Cry On Paper

    I really enjoyed this one. Even the title alone was deep! Beautiful!
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    I wish to inspire mass collective consciousness, where we return to being the truly spiritual beings we were, and operating at our highest levels of consciousness together
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    Black Women : A thread of “Enlightenment & Wisdom” for and by our sisters.

    That's really beautiful angelicsage. Especially that last line, gotta meditate on that a little! :huh:
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    ANOTHER personal problem-lol

    Well on the flip side, maybe its that you're pretty deep and intelligent and may have a lot of confidence, so girls not on that level would definately bore you. But, like James said, you're young take your time. I can definately tell that you need a girl that is on the same level as you or u...
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    Black Poetry : Our "OldSoul" is sick..

    Brother Oldsoul, Get well soon! We need you! Much love!
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    ANOTHER personal problem-lol

    I think you should ask yourself as well, why were u attracted to her in the first place. From your other post, it seems that once a girl is really into you, you don't like them. Maybe there are things about yourself that u don't like and you feel if these girls like you, that you've either...
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    Black Women : A thread of “Enlightenment & Wisdom” for and by our sisters.

    My number one saying that my mother told me was: "It's always darkest til dawn." I've remembered this one everytime I go through a struggle and am so stressed I can't think, I just remember this one-liner and it's true. Another one: You can love someone so much you'll go through any...