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    Black People : Happy Birthday QueenSister Destee!

    Happy Birthday, Sister Destee.
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    Black People : Chess Puzzles - Volume 1

    Solutions 1. Nb5xa3++ 1. Qc1-c5++ 1. Qd4-h4++ 1. Qh4xh7+,Kxh7; 2. Rf3-h3++ 1. Ra5-h5+, Pg6xh5; 2. Qc3-f6++ 1. Qc2-h7+, Nf6xh7; 2. Nf1-g6++ 1. Qc2xc6+, bxc6; 2. Bf1-a6++ 1. Qh3-h7+, Kxh7; 2. Rc1-h1+, Kg8; 3. Rh1-h8++ 1. Qg5xf6+, Pe7xf6; 2. Bh4xf6+, Kg8; 3...
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    Black People : Just wait a cotton picking minute!!

    Opps... Lou Dobbs.... Cotton-what?!
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    Black People : Just wait a cotton picking minute!!

    When I was younger, I too had wondered about the origins of this idiom. (The same for "cotton-picking hands" as in, "Get your cotton-picking hands off me!") I was able to infer from the context what it really meant, a long moment. I'd never research it's origin. (as in who coined the...
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    Black People : WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?

    Indeed. We have become CONSUMERS -fueling the economies of other communities. The "demand" component of the "Supply and Demand" economic model. I've often wondered if this is the lingering global socio-economic effects of Maafa. It was the free-labor of enslaved ancestors that sparked the...
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    Black People Politics : What has Obama offered or promised the Black community?

    It means NOTHING. (You may have misinterpreted the tone of my post. The cynicism level was set to "HIGH") I was just answering your initial question. If you're waiting for a Presidential candidate to offer anything of substance in the way of a plan or solution to the problems faced by...
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    Black People : Angry White Men... ?

    What do they have to be angry about? ... Some may be confused why I posted this article... -or simply not interested. I'll explain. This article is gaining traction and I thought it would be interesting to dissect this from an Afrikan center. Trust that it is being forwarded to...
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    Shared Ideas At first, I thought he was busted. However, after hearing the reaction of Governor Patrick, his close friend, -along with his explanation, I was sure that he did not. They were shared ideas that are the fruit of Barack and his friend getting together for critical discussion...
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    Black People Politics : What has Obama offered or promised the Black community?

    Answer Answer: Obama has offered/promised the Black community CHANGE. The vague, immeasurable and idealistic hope of change. (I think is interesting that it is nearly universally assumed that this change will be for the better. Can't get any worse, right?) A more important...
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    Black People : Drinking Coffee Makes You Black

    ******* Milk I've never heard this before... However, I think it may derived from racist, Jim-Crow imagery that depicted caricatured Black children drinking from a ink bottle. "******* Milk" You're elders...
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    Black People : Angry White Men... ?

    There is a great amount of interest in this year’s presidential elections, as everybody seems to recognize that our next president has to be a lot better than George Bush. The Democrats are riding high with two groundbreaking candidates — a woman and an African-American — while the conservative...
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    to strong black men...what is the SOURCE of your strength?

    Beautifully expressed. Medase pa for sharing your wisdom.
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    Black Sports : Forty Million Dollar Slaves

    I haven't read this book yet so I can't speak to how the writer uses the "slave" metaphor. I can only assume that the point he's trying to make is that although highly compensated black athletes are exploited. There are more than a few books on this topic. A few years ago I read a similar...
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    Black People : Are Black Leaders Efective?

    I share Bro James' sentiments. Another question to consider is: Are Black people effective followers? Someone said, "If you call yourself a leader and look back to find that no one is following, then you're just out taking a stroll." ... Hit me up on my new website...