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  • As I Am is a Great Flow.
    It says why change if your satisfied with who,and where you are in life.
    Hi Watz...thanx for coming thru, I been away sick with the
    flu, but I'm doing better. Yeah, a big day, that seems to be coming around way to often it seems. You know how fast they go after 30...lol. Anyways, heres smiling at you...:wave:

    Hey Watz,
    I came by to say,:hi:and tell you that I absolutely loved the haiku you created in 'direction' its obvious you were born a poet.:)

    Be Blessed!

    Hotep SiS Watz!!

    Thanks for the comment on my picture. Chile.....I must have been bout 19-20 when that picture was taken....nice trip down memory lane it is!

    Continued peace to you and yours....

    Hello Watz...You give so much love to the community. Truly you are appreciated.
    Hey my dear heart just wanted to drop in to say hi and leave some $Richly love upon u ....

    Now my New Year celebration is complete, with your bountiful blessings being bestowed on me, and thank you so, so much watzinaname. You are the best, for real!

    Your Life Long Friend,

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
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