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  • Hey Watz, you can go on and on it's all good with me. I agree the art of poetry is a beautiful thing. I joined Destee's the same, I hadn't wrote in a while and found my muse again when I joined. I enjoy reading poetry as much as I like to write and it is
    always inspiring when I read and relish in the talent of other poets. It is how I excel in my own craft, you know its amazing the kinship we have with a fellow writer. Now look at me...I've went on & on, but hey that's what we do...right! Thanx Watz, I always welcome your visit, Sis....:hi:

    Hey Watz, just passing by ya place to say hello and I'm still lovin those flows
    of yours, reading you is a treat, Sis. It's good to see you spreading those inspiring vibes to the masses. Take care. :hi:

    hello watz. just popped in to check out your page. it's very nice. i like the pink color! i hope your weekend is going well. have a great rest of the day.

    sister allgonemilw
    Hello Watz, How have you been, girl? Thanks so much for taking the time to read the story.
    I'm very happy you enjoyed it. I'm sorry for my long absence, I've been a lil busy. It is always good seeing your name tho, I really appreciate your visit, Sis. :wave:

    Hey watz.. I reread your flow As I am.. it inspired me this morning.
    It made me think.
    Could I be
    Where I am because it was where
    I saw my father?

    Events happen
    Time stamps onto life events
    As we grow and age
    Then without noticing.

    I am using some of those time markers
    I see patterns
    Simular to my fathers steps.
    As I Am is Where I Am
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