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    Black Short Stories : A Touch of Ember- Part 2

    Anger. Frustration. Resentment. These emotions flowed through Bryson Leon's veins at his failure today to secure a spot on the starting varsity lineup for the wrestling team. Once again he lost his wrestle-off against his two time All-American teammate Wood Jensen. The pain was more than...
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    Black Short Stories : A Touch of Ember- Part 1

    I very much appreciate you taking a look at it, it really is amazing what life brings us, did you ever see that woman again after going to lunch with her?
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    Black Short Stories : A Touch of Ember- Part 1

    A Touch of Ember- Part 1 He sat quietly on the bed of his dorm room thinking to himself. Reflecting on elements such as school, life, people, and sports. The young man's name was Bryson Leon and he was on the college wrestling team as a walk-on despite him being there to study for a Business...
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    Black Short Stories : Cold Sheets

    that was quite the beautiful piece of work, I visualized everything in my head and in a way it really reminded me of Janet Jackson in "Poetic Justice" when she was struggling with the battle within herself and the death of her boyfriend at the time