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    African American History Culture : American Aborigines: First Americans

    The American Aborigines The question of the first known inhabitants of the Americas is quite intriguing. Native American Indians encountered by the first Europeans when they first arrived in the Americas and also during the conquest of Native American Nations in the interior of the American...
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    African American History Culture : Could Reparations Help Close the American Racial Divide?

    Thanks...At least thats workable and seems reasonable...Let me think about it for a bit. Good point though.
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    African American History Culture : Could Reparations Help Close the American Racial Divide?

    Initially, I didnt support reparations because of how they could be quantified as well as the fact throughout History peoplehave conquered each other so how do we decide who gets compensated. The Historical chain of exploitation is endless. However, after really understanding the nature of...
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    African American History Culture : Boss: The Black Experience In Business Documentary

    Boss: The Black Experience in Business shines a light on the story of resilience and resistance within the Black American experience in the face of racial hostility and violence, economic exclusion, segregation and discrimination.Tying together the past and the present.
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    Africa : Africa Before Europeans Documentary

    African Pre-Colonial Nations and Empires.
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    Africa : Africa's Black Elite and The Anti-Colonial Mass Struggle Myth

    Africa’s anti-Colonial struggle has been portrayed as a monolithic dialectical conflict between the oppressive forces of Colonialism represented by European Imperialism on one hand, versus mass African resistance on the other pole. However, this may ignore the internal class differences amongst...
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    African American History Culture : The Afrocomb, Black Hair, Slavery & Self-Hatred (Updated)

    Sorry, forgot to include the link to the article: In 400 Years Without A Comb' the Historical link between Slavery and Alienation of African Americans from their African roots is explored by observing the evolution of Black Hair Styles and the relationship to Black self-esteem at various points...
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    Africa : Africa's Great Civilizations Documentary

    One of the best I've seen so far...Also learnt a lot.
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    The Front Porch : Introduction

    Thank you for accepting me as a Member. I'm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Look forward to sharing and learning.