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  • Hey Triniti, haven't been online much, but whenever I do
    I'm just compelled to give you a shout out...sooooooo.

    WAT UP GURL!!!!

    Hey Triniti, You will soon discover I’m the queen of “come lately” when it comes to responding, but its in no way a reflection of my appreciation of your visits or kind words. As for my story, by indulging you I’m sure others will receive some satisfaction as well and besides that, it’ll thicken the plot. I truly do appreciate your opinion on my writing. I do LOVE to write, but I admit I have little confidence in my ability. I guess that’s why I haven’t done anything with it in all these years. My sister and I started getting a book of poetry together at the first of the year, but I seem to have chickened out, so to speak. Who knows what I fear, so pray for my poetic soul to be release from fear, please?:) Now ‘bout you possessing a mean streak… well, I’ve never caught onto it, but I’ll take you at your word and never cross you.:) But on the real, you are one of the kindest spirited people I’ve had the virtual pleasure of meeting… does that make any sense? Who cares, it sounds good and I mean it.:) In closing, I enjoy your honesty, sense of humor and your awesome, ‘in your face poetry!’ Stay you sistah, because you’re making a difference.:love:

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