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    Black Poetry : just…a dream

    (shrugs) iono, sis…guess I just let my krazy live. my Spiritual Guides are always in my mind tinkering trying to help me see things clearly when I spill an ugly thought here they come, “Chile, go to sleep. so we can clean that up.” and behind them come the Ancestors, “Right!” projecting a...
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    Black Poetry : just…a dream

    went to the lake today etched our names in a stone hit my knees to pray let the sun kiss my lips casted the stone into the clear water heard a voice whisper “don’t let it sink.” dove in to retrieve it immediately the waves caressed me I turned one complete rotation then transformed into my...
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    Black Poetry : a-z

    I have come to write pretty poetry prepared in a royal goblet for My Him using words dripping with honey mango and melon tasting metaphors minced atop apple spice alliteration inside lines garnished with cinnamon and brown sugar twists of free verse dangling from sweet honeysuckle vines tucked...
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    Black Poetry : just

    My Him so fine do find i almost go blind when Him play in the sun become all dark and chocolatey then rap sharp like he Socrates all other men are a sincere bore Him cuteness She surely adore just one thing though Him need to know sometimes She get upset doesn't mean i'm gonna jet just means at...
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    Black Poetry : Just saying thus

    Long time ago some dude accused me of being an actress think that cause aint never met a woman who can match this bringing noise saying he don’t deserve a mate that honor respect and serve breaking straws got on my last nerve so I hit the doggone brakes and swerve got out dusted off my skirt my...
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    Black Poetry : hahahahaha!

    My Him a boss and I get lost in Him eyes and all that deliciousness eat it up like Him red licorice ain’t a doggone thing Him can’t do roll up in a coupe that’s blue talkin bout I’m creeping and sneaking not knowing I’m peeking out the window body simmering on low Him walk up knock on da doe...
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    Black Poetry : What it feels like when I write

    Thank you, Darling. When I type you out across my screen I feel as if my words are droplets of my own blood I’m leaving on a trail so you can find me. Every word is for you. (smile)
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    Black Poetry : A queen ready to rumble and seem to stumble when in high heels I try feel the ground with each step reach for help before I fall write plenty rhymes u

    You are more than welcome, Dear Heart. I love you! :hearts1: After I read your response I put my phone down and went to sleep. (smile)
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    Black Haiku : just some haiku

    sun moon linked when he said, your eyes are almost green light brown flecks concurred
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    Black Haiku : just some haiku

    rain is generous washes away the footprints leading from the lake
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    Black Haiku : just some haiku

    plush red the ceiling opens, rose petals rain through blanket her body
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    Black Haiku : just some haiku

    the nights are cooler august awakens autumn summer leaves will brown
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    Black Poetry : What it feels like when I write

    Someone once said to me, “Don’t take things so seriously, It’s only digital love just words on a screen.” I didn’t understand because I pour all of me into my words. After I write a piece then post I feel like I’ve opened my wrists and bled out all over the page. Feeling drained and lifeless as...
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    Black Poetry : A Letter to My Him. No apologies.

    My metered words and Asymmetrical lines are designed to reach Him divine ear. Cause I need Him to hear me loud and clear. My beautiful black man Eric, I am no longer frightened nor sleep deprived. Just awoke and realized I finally arrived in my right state of mind. I appreciate that you...