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    Black Poetry : a note from my poetry to myself

    Thank you, Brother Poet HODEE, for your encouraging words. I greatly appreciate them and you. (smile)
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    Black Poetry : soul communicating

    when the soul reconnects itself man cannot proclaim its union Holy only God can. standing before man is about the after party kneeling before God, man taking woman by the hand to a private place to pray is about the sacred union when a union is sanctioned by God the term husband and wife takes...
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    Black Poetry : soul communicating

    l music fills me while the love I house for you floods my body levitating in thoughts of you i ask God about the proper course -grab your trusty slingshot fill it with Love let it fly close your eyes say a prayer let his name be the only thing that slips from your lips now stop your sadness it...
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    Black Poetry : Meet Smooth (cinquain)

    That Smooth sure is somethin' struttin' down the street, all shiny and new, on long lanky bowlegs wrapped in well worked muscles that seem to dare his pants inseams to stay sewed. And his skin! Lord knows, His skin looks like freshly churned butter, spread over home baked bread hot out the...
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    Black Poetry : a note from my poetry to myself

    how you gonna try to game me i already know once delivered my words don't suffer your foolishness you've been given the proper instructions on how to come alive and fly yet you feign you can't remember how that breeze swirls, baby you gotta maneuver better in the air provided unless to lose is...
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    Black Poetry : soul communicating

    to continue a connective vibe as a permanent fixture in a spiritual romance everything is experienced through the comfort and fulfillment of a mere touch a brush against a cheek a finger run across a shoulder a nibble of an earlobe a rhythmic lyrical poem a lullaby or a word of care all acts of...
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    Black Poetry : a note too

    Superman, Your "S" and your cape are draped across my bed. They were both cleaned and restored. The tailor couldn't find the original thread here on earth but says the stitches will hold long enough for you to help save our world. Lois
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    Black Poetry : visioning in rhyme

    HIM: she's soulful and sweet don't hang in the street lips arms meet and greet extreme when i get home drama free zone it's all cream and foam eyes lit body multi colors of brown mind flips when she throw her thing around woowee she love me holy and sexy call her "my plexy" i dun graduate now...
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    Black Poetry : What to do?

    not sure if i'm understanding correctly so please permit me to share with you a truth and a conversation if i'm off base please forgive me fair warning i have total recall if i squint real hard can even remember being born so if i ever say, "I don't remember that." please know good reason or...
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    Black Poetry : for you you and especially you

    i'm a conscious daughter who stands on a boulder of faith Spiritual Guides on one shoulder Ancestors sit the other cloaked in My God's arms created from His breath not placed here to judge only sent to share All Love and when i think of you us do this ------> (smile) take my hand let's go play...
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    Black Poetry : What to do?

    "spirit is settled what someone else might believe i don't give a care" plays on a loop in my mind i see you!! (smile)
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    Black Poetry : What to do?

    what in the world Sis focus your mind on what matters and what God told you years ago Remember? Please remember cause i sure do you told me "NO ONE CAN UPROOT YOUR WAY OR TRUTH when you dig in deep then plant those feet in MY fertile spiritual ground" now stick your chest out and strut like the...
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    Black Poetry : tongue in cheek

    toast from the Libra Diva Queen aka MOST SUPREME HIGH BAKER nothing artificial nor fake about her lines formed outside the bakery store one dude stare through the glass door sprung begging for some "where this customer from outer space my guess dang he's dream hot and arrived in a blinged out...
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    Black Poetry : haiku

    all these years later fate still ripens on its vine time we pluck its fruit