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    Black Poetry : Damaged

    Thank you Rich, and gempis, Bluewater and suddenpassion for your support.
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    Black Poetry : The Passion-El Amor- Forever More

    This piece flows from the heart and enlivens the senses,very bueatiful.
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    Black Poetry : Damaged

    She looks in the reflection to ask for a meaning to it all for it was not all her fault for the failures she caused. She did not ask to born of this memory a nightmare to be fused inside her head a lifetime of misery. Voices beginning to speak while pointing thier fingers...
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    Black Poetry : AT FIRST: A poem by Tdogg

    AT FIRST At first I found it flattering how you treated me, but then I came to realize how much you hated me. At first I thought it admirable how much you complimented me,but then I realized how much you despised me. At first I found it comforting to know you were there at my...
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    Black Poetry : THE KNOWLEDGE: A poem by Tdogg

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    Black Poetry : If Love was Love

    If love were truly like this Divorce. and separation.... would be words never pronounced. Loved the images!!! signed Tdogg
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    Black Poetry : Am I wrong???

    I know exactly where youre coming from and if your answer is the same as mine then perhaps were on the wrong planet. Loved your poem. Signed Tdogg
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    Black Poetry : SICKNESS OF THE HEART

    I enjoyed this poem it tells of the reality we all now face and allows us freedom to feel and know were not alone in the struggle. thank you for the shoulder to cry on. Signed Tdogg
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    Not having to face this journey but creating one myself helps me to relate and understand that this is the outcry of so many young black brothers and sisters hopefully these words are not in vain. Signed Tdogg
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    Black Poetry : HIDDEN PAST: A poem by Tdogg

    Thank you Angel for your reply and taking the time out to post reply your support is greatly appreciated. Signed Tdogg
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    Black Poetry : JUST A THOUGHT.....

    This poem gives new life to the world of the young today. Keep the eyes open so that darkness will not succede. Signed Tdogg
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    Black Poetry : THE KNOWLEDGE: A poem by Tdogg

    THE KNOWLEDGE Open your mind to this thought from infancy a child is taught. The feeling of caring toward all the duty of sharing on him it should fall. To his companion understanding he should show to nurture and protect the love they've come to know. As a boy...
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    Black Poetry : HIDDEN PAST: A poem by Tdogg

    MY HIDDEN PAST Warm and calm gently I lay my mothers womb my world embraced Innocent and pure is the world I know but in this home I cannot grow. Unaware am I of the things yet to behold I burst into her world curious and bold. Embracing her image my first memory her glory her...
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    Black Poetry : Question: A poem by Tdogg

    Thank you sexyasmami its nice to know when your thread is appreciated. Signed Tdogg
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    Black Poetry : SISTERS PAIN: A poem by Tdogg

    Angel I love the way u express your insight on life to read your poetry is an awakening of the soul keep on sharing. Signed Tdogg