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  • Tay Tay...I don't know if you will see this message but if you do, I apologize that you had to be criticized and ridiculed by some of these "grown adults"...I applaud you in your efforts to staying to your own beliefs. At the end of the day you keep your head held high sister and don't let know one change your mind and keep doing you.
    Hi Tay Tay225 !!! ... :wave:

    Just wanting to say welcome and hello ... glad you're with us! :love:


    Hi tay_tay... the 'new posts' link just tells you how many new posts have been made by other users since the last time you logged in...and if i'm not wrong, you have to have premium membership to upload a photo...there are some default avatars available, but I'm not sure if you can access this either...may be best to send a message to one of the mods. Hope this helps! :)
    I'll second that- welcome! If you have any questions just ask...the forums can be a daunting place for a new user- get a feel for them, nobody's going to be looking to you to be posting straightaway- just get comfortable :)
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