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    Black Poetry : Lifes Enraged Mechanism

    Thank you for the love family
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    I think this is Maddrapper welcome back!!! Nice New Name
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    Hmmm Interesting
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    Well thats great Afrikan keep supporting nad keep pushing for a better tomorrow Afrikan I guess we need more Afrikans like you Brother Afrikan an don't sigh things will get better with people like you on here Afrikan.
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    Black Entertainment : Akon: "So what if I own a diamond mine?"

    Still the same to me whats the difference from killing for diamonds or killing for drugs. None!!
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    Well as far as coming together and working things out I haven't seen any of that I have seen bashing someone who isn't here. It's all good too me though I could care either way but I will still voice my opinion. Great way to support the community. African
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    Hmm Interesting I'm wondering why we are posting all of these things about this person. She did what she did so now she is banned. I think we got the point about 5 post ago. I guess there is a need in society to keep things like this going.
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    Black Poetry : Remix: Like My Woman Like My Motorcycles

    Tucked in the back Cleaner than your 750 Pearl Blue Nijia Kat A queen by choice black on black-dark chocolate (shoes match the attire) Start you up have you reving to my desires/ You redline at 180 but your nitro pumps harder I pop the clutch and you ride much harder/ I love them Gixas I'm...
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    Black Poetry : GHOST TOWN

    Brought here to live and die in bundles Becoming lifeless faces in crowded Project places…… From roaming with lions…to becoming extinct in concrete jungles. ^^^ fav Part I really like this piece much love poet UNO
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    Black Poetry : Goals and Actions

    Havent heard creativity in a while nice drop poet... Uno
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    Black Poetry : Lifes Enraged Mechanism

    I speak about guns inflamed you can pick them out Like a lord of war my main purpose is push them out/ Deranged young children have a thirst for sprite But the blood diamonds pave floors, so what’s the fuss about???? Blacks killing blacks, what war? Whites picked us out We never saw boats...
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    Black Poetry : FISH N' DIP

    nice little tasty treat for the ladies bruh
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    Black Poetry : It Sure Did Rain A Lot in April, Didn't It?

    It rained more than my eyes can see Like wat-iz-ur-name your beauty blinding me/ You reflect the earth and thats watz-in-a-name Glow more than the moon, April drives me insane/ As the clouds accumalate overshadow the sun My new born son sheltered can't get rained upon/ It sure did rain a...
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    Black Poetry : Tantrum-M.S. Motivated Sister Colab: Sex U/Sex Me

    Tantrum Its purely E-Rel-A-(Vent to vent about your past I'm not a two minute sweetie love can last/ We can S-E-(X those haters out of your life With two hours and three (hersheys) we can do it all night/ Some slow I mean kisses the sex is made to excite The ice is made to reflect the...
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    Black Poetry : A Fling With Spring

    I see your poems still ring like wedding bells Still make the envious scream and make the haters yell/ You still got the momentium that keeps eyes dialated My pupils loose focus reading your every word-contemplated... Whether to even step up, and respond to such a flow in your words Music...