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    Black Education / Schools : Marva Collins: August 31st 1936 - june 24th 2015
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    Black People : Are We The Aliens on Earth?

    Sometimes our species seems so inordinately destructive towards not only other species but to ourselves that I believe our wonton proclivity for mass destruction was noticed by a superior galactic society and our fate was decided like in "The Day The Earth Stood Still" or we were either a...
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    Black Travel : Black American couple found dead in Dominican Republic resort hotel room,8599,1953959,00.html
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    You know Ndugu not for nothing but maybe you wouldn't be butting heads with other members here if you actually posted facts and not sensationalized fiction as you see fit. I never heard of the Simbas but the BPP and the BLA made it quite clear not only to law enforcement agencies and their media...
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    Science and Technology : A hospital introduced a robot to help nurses. They didn’t expect it to be so popular

    As if we don't have enough problems getting wheeled into surgery to have a kidney stone removed and getting wheeled to ICU missing a perfectly good liver. OOPS!!!!!
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    Black People : Are We The Aliens on Earth?
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    Africa : A “Go Back to Africa” media campaign uses AI to boost African American tourism

    Thanks Al D. Too bad they have a relationship with Norwegian Airlines. I guess no one told them about the Joanne Wickenden incident.
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    Law Forum : hoax

    In a related story Justice Clarence "Clarabelle the Supreme Courts "Uncle Tom" Thomas the Courthouse sockpuppet was discovered to have passed away in his usual state of Benadryl induced slumber on Monday morning the 8th of July, 2019. The only way the Courthouse security team knew of his passing...
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    The Front Porch : Hello Everyone! I have a favor to ask.

    This bandwidth wasting worn out under the radar routine is so insulting no one even gets angry anymore especially when a Caucasian joins a Black forum to glean some type of knowledge about Black people for: Pick one. 1. Writing a book. 2. College thesis. What I'm curious about is why no visit...
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    Black People : Are We The Aliens on Earth?

    Always a pleasure and I conducted some additional research on the entire spectrum of the toughest, strongest species most likely to survive in Earth's food chain and the results are way too widespread to quote any one given source and I concur with your analysis that we are the weakest species...
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    Pets / Animals : Destees Doggy Park Awesome.