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    Black Poetry : ^5 Nubian Brothers

    ^5 To the Brothers !!! hey Treasure Eyes this was awesome to our nubian kings ! Keep doing what you doing sis!:SuN011:
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    Black Relationships : MANHOOD 101:Ladies, do you have one?

    hmmm, the good steps of a "MAN" are ordered by the Lord !
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    Black Women : If You Could Would You Be Twenty or Twenty One Again

    whew 21 again? yes, but it will have to be 1984 when life was GREAT, loaf of bread was under a $1, postage was cheap, the air was cleaner to breath, clothes was cheap, black love was still more together, the music from the 70's was still kickin and I was still gigglin fallin in love !!! lolol
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    Black Poetry : Journey into love paradice

    Very Nice Writing !! Paradise of love can lead into a world of sweet essence!
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    Black Spirituality Religion : We Are All In The All .

    Love is Free. Kudos To Treasure. God is love and without that love we cannot love others without loving ourself 1st.