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    Black Poetry : Gets No Love

    U've been faking the realness with me for so long Almost had me believing that u were the truth Well the smoke and mirrors are gone now And I see what u really do I don't want an explanation U don't deserve an encore I'm moving on the next phase of my life And u need to stay on the other...
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    the brown and gold San Diego Padres uniforms. I like powder blue Charger uniforms!!!:) And oceolo, ur #1 was so on point. I couldn't stand them teal horsie jersey by the Pistons.
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    Black Sports : NFL 2009/10

    Tennesee is awful because Albert Haynesworth is in Washington. And they lost their rotation of their defensive tackles. Plus Cortland finnegan and the other starting corner is injured.
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    Black Poetry : Ready to Fall in Love?

    Aww.... This made my heart melt. :terrific::terrific::terrific:
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    Black Relationships : Do You Prefer African or European Features in Your Woman?

    I can seriously relate. I also have very light skin. I am around the same hue as Lisa Bonet. Both my parents are black. I have a light-skinned mother(she is darker than me) and a dark skinned father. when I'm out either one of my parents, many people assume that the other parents is caucasian...
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    Khasm13 : don't leave me behind...

    I wish i had 4 hands so i can give this 4 thumbs up. I can't believe miss this goody the 1st time. love this!!! :welldone::welldone::welldone::welldone:
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    Black Poetry : I Too Sing America

    i sing anthems of strength when America tried to hide me I sing songs of victory cuz even in defeat They couldn't deny that I am reigning supreme even when they mocked my hopes and dreams but my hopes and dreams came to fruition now grandkids and their grandkids will stand strong in their...
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    Khasm13 : the course of the pale horse...

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    Black Poetry : Best on the internet

    I was having the same thoughts!! i knew i wasn't the only one. I likes...
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    Black Poetry : Mis-Loved/Mis-Labeled

    I really enjoyed reading this.. ..So honest and heartfelt.
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    Black Poetry : HER BACK AND BOOTY

    OH MY,MY, MY!!!! Is it hot in here or is it me?
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    Black Women : What Michelle Means to Us

    I have that magazine at home. But, what I think what is so amazing about her is that women of color see Michelle Obama in themselves especially in India. Women with lighter complexion and eyes( i.e Aishwarya Rai) are considered to be more attractive. And for Indian women to see Michelle...
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    Black Entertainment : Smooth

    "What I wouldn't do.. to make this thing go smooth" I love this song!!!