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    Black People : 5 Contemporary Black Ballerinas Who Are Breaking Barriers

    Incredible timing! I LITERALLY was just looking at a video of Precious Adams and found this article googling Raven Wilksinson and Marion Cuyjet
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    Black Education / Schools : Why more black parents are homeschooling their children

    Why more black parents are homeschooling their children The reasons are not typically the same as white parents who homeschool by Jessica Huseman February 17, 2015 Marvell Robinson was in kindergarten when a classmate poured an anthill on him at the playground. After that, the gibes became...
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    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    I love Taraji as an actress but I need for her to stop talking out the sides of her mouth! She is so quick to sell that "It's not just BLACK" **** as if it's having it tagged as a "Black" gives it the kkkoodies Girl, stop. Stop trying to attract that racist viewer who wouldn't watch a show if...
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    Black Entertainment : EMPIRE

    It was excellent, I really enjoyed it
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    The Front Porch : Leigh Anne Tuohy posts racist story on FB, receives 150k+ likes

    Here's the best commentary I've read on this yet... Leigh Anne Tuohy, Racism, and the White Saviour Complex 15 Dec Leigh Anne “That Nice Woman Sandra Bullock Played In The Blind Side” Tuohy recently posted the following picture and caption on her Facebook and Instagram accounts: “We...
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    The Front Porch : Leigh Anne Tuohy posts racist story on FB, receives 150k+ likes

    Leigh Anne Tuohy is who Sandra Bullock plays in the movie "The Blind Side" So basically, Leigh Anne owns a restaurant and a racist acquaintance points out 2 young Black males sitting at a table looking "up to know good". It's taken as a "warm" story about the dangers of racial profiling by...
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    That's not surprising nor a coincidence It's usually the group of people on the fringe of whiteness that have to fight the hardest to separate themselves from blackness. Overcompensation. It is also not surprising that a person who has the equivalent to 3 white/1 black grandparent(s) would...
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    Health and Wellness : Where can I buy some incense?

    Hello my Destee brothas and sistahs I suddenly have the urge to buy and burn some incense sticks but the problem is, I've never bought any before. Where do you think I would be able to find some? A little context, I live in Southern California with a smallish Black population but I would...
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    OldSoul : Assata Shakur's Letter to the Pope

    I just saw Free Angela yesterday I'm actually appalled by the silence of the entire Black community regarding the wanted capture (or death) of sister Shakur Why aren't we speaking out about this injustice? Why aren't we pointing out the irrationality of the FBI naming her as a "terrorist" If...
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    OldSoul : Assata Shakur's Letter to the Pope

    Right!?? My mouth dropped when I read how she was shot! Unfortunate how history repeats itself I wonder how she felt watching this Mike Brown fiasco go down in the news
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    Black People : obama opens relations with cuba.......

    Am I being completely dense by thinking that the capture of Assata Shakur was a primary factor for this new relationship with Cuba? Is it too much of a coincidence that they just added her to the FBI's top ten most wanted just a year and a half ago? I'm disgusted
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    OldSoul : Assata Shakur's Letter to the Pope

    OMG! I was just going to create a thread about her! How ironic that I've been randomly reading her and Angela Davis' autobiographies within the last week and then Boom. This happens. Cuba and US mend relations. My stomach drops I'm so profoundly concerned for her well being... I pray to God...
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    Black Entertainment : brand new D'angelo Black Messiah : sugahdaddy

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    Black People : Muhammad Ali has White grandchildren?!?!???

    Laila's son looks just like her father