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  • A second attempt of friendship has been extended. The below note, as referenced in the thread, clearly does not seek your involvement, only a review of the thread showing how we arrived at this new step, sorry if you misunderstood. The three of us must first work out goals, and how to achieve the objective.

    It is now appropriate to share with you some activity toward your concerns expressed to me, and that are very dear to you. Beginning with a thread titled: What is the Origin of Racism, I have managed to bring A007 and ang-EL together, as a team, to begin work on generating home-grown solutions from Destee.com for our people. Just today, we have agreed to kick-off in the Chat Room, our discussions to formulate a plan to reverse the ignorance behind racism. If Destee approves, we will meet on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM. You are invited to review the thread, which will bring you current with what I have shared.......And thanks for the very decent conversation-:), My Friend!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
    Greetings and Bless Up!

    Thank You SPEAKFREEDOMnet for BE~ing here...... NOW

    I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THOSE CLIPS and am thinking of creating something for YOU in kind. I am too "full" in my Spirit for words just now.
    Just wanted to stop by here and offer my Thanks, Appreciation and L.O.V.E. for you/US

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