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    Late night seems to be the best time to reflect and connect with this universe.

    Late night seems to be the best time to reflect and connect with this universe.
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : We Shared

    We shared that chance meeting freshman year of high school We shared those quiet moments in your apartment We shared those moments under the stars We shared conversation We shared your life and mine We shared time, and nights and life We share a son We share a life We share strife and pain and...
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    Black Poetry : So Much Living

    The last time I was here I was a writing fool always something to say Some new point of view to share Five years, new fears, old tears and the birth of a beautiful baby boy brought me to today I took the time to read all the flows from my past And I wondered wow That girl from six years ago had...
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    Oh it's been about five years and I'm back and better than ever.

    Oh it's been about five years and I'm back and better than ever.
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    Black Poetry : Hand in Hand

    This was very sweet I enjoyed every word.
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    Black Poetry : Sorry I dont come home

    In every way that it matters I can smile about this even if it means I don't have the days I thought I had yesterday.
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    Black Poetry : Sorry I dont come home

    I dont stop by And I dont say I love you I dont see you anymore and its because I'm scared the doctor told me at 19 and what i used to think full of life and health Cancer may be about to clock me out I'm too young for such a sickness I want to live and love and I dont know...
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    Black Poetry : My city in a state of celebration

    My city in disaray After the fellas Our boys the Colts came home today Nobody went to school Nobody went to work We all just sat back and watched the city Go baserck People smiling and laughing Collecting on bear fan bets Some even cool enough to still let liquor burn their chest Turn on...
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    Black Poetry : Like Scripture

    Thank you I found an old flame that turned himself into a fire set up under me and began to inspire, and this is what became of it.
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    Black Poetry : I love you

    Trust me its better to have that love gone away to at the least hold that memory in your heart, and I know how hard it is trying to save face when you made a mistake. But hold on to that if she's where you belong life will bring her back around to you.
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    Black Poetry : Lost in translation

    oh my what a beautiful way to convey such a strong message the touch of german was nice and the flow was so nice but I really like the messages in this
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    Black Poetry : Let's Study the Possibilities

    this was simple and sweet write on my brotha.
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    Black Poetry : Like Scripture

    Your love like the sacred word to me I hold it dear and trust it true Because that's the way its supposed to be IT comforts me and leads me Like scripture I see you do and be all you can for me And I get to wondering do I deserve to see one as beautiful as he purer than any in...
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    Black Sports : The COLTS

    I can't help but notice somebody was Colt bashing about a year ago that's true and all they didn't go but um........ where are they going Miami and what's held in Miami this year the what? oh yeah the Super Bowl oh yeah that's right so bash that.
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    Black Sports : Are the colts over the hump?

    That's what I want to hear it is a guaranteed good game either way.