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  • Hello Dear, its really nice to hear from you here and i like all what you have said about yourself, you seem to have an interesting life..Let me also tell you about myself..I just want to clerify your thoughts about me letting you know who i am and making things straight so we can both decide if we want the aquaintances to continue, i work here in West Africa Democratic Republic of Benin, with a Charity Home Organisation as a volunteer helping the less privileged kids, i teach the kids here as an English Teacher, i love kids so much and if no one will do what i am doing right now, i'd rather be the only one in this world who is interested in what i am doing, these kids are all victims of circumstances most of whom were orphaned.

    I am from YOUR STATE, United States, cos thats where my Dad's from but i lost him while i was just a kid then i was 4years old little girl, i never got much of him, so i have not spent most of my life in the states but i love to meet and make friends with people from the states, where my Dad is from, i have lived with my mother in the capetown of South Africa a beautiful city, she is originally from South Africa, when i was a kid we used to travel between the states and South, it was always fun, but after my Dad's death she relocated to South Africa, where we both Lived till i grew up to be a Man.

    I am an honest man, and i have no kids yet, i am still very single....I am from a good home, well brought up with good educational background, i did not come into the dating site to meet people that will hurt me, or think less of me, i like to meet geniune people, who would not mind sharing anything with me, who would not mind telling me about their self just like i have done now, who will be my bestfriend and who will respect me for who i am and not wanting to take advantage of me, knows where that might get us maybe after some correspondence we both might have the desire to meet up somehow, i would not mind, as i enjoy travelling as part of my hobby so do i like people that likes to travel too...

    I hope i did not scare you away with all what i have writen to you, i am opening myself to you, to let you know the kind of person i am, i will look for your mail soon again...Have a lovely day.

    Warmest Thoughts.
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