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    Black Relationships : A Great Poem about Relationships!

    Thanks for adding a more realistic view Hollywood.
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    Black Astrology : LEO THE LION...

    Yes, I'm a Leo Aquil, is it possible to get a reading if I give my information?
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    Black Poetry : With One Call

    This is a good feeling...been here before.
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    Black Poetry : ~Sprung By Spring

    So perfect for right now.
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    Black Poetry : I used to love him

    Your gut feelings will tell you when it's not right. "You've got to love yourself enough to know when to let go..." - Mary J.
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    Black Poetry : Empty

    Thanks to everyone for reading me. Elayne, you'd be right about this one. Thanks.
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    Black Poetry : Blind

    Cindy - Do you have a poem with the same title? Don't cha hate when that happens? Thanks for reading me. Rich - Love will make ya blind...gotta go in with your eyes wide open. Thanks for the luv.
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    Black Poetry : Intellectual Copulation

    This was waaaay to tight.
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    Black Poetry : Empty

    Where were you when I came As I stepped in the place When I looked all around You weren’t found in my space Missing you Wanting to feel your embrace Holding you Loving through kissing your face Keeping you near From the first it was clear You’re the breath That I breathe and...
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    Black Poetry : Blind

    How could I do this Why couldn’t I see That my actions and words Would turn and bite me Right in the *** So hard and so strong That’s exactly what happens When you’re moving along Not paying attention To what’s going on Who’s coming and going Praying or saying Caring for you And...