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    Black People : QUEEN SONO Official Trailer (2020) South African crime drama web television series

    I watched all episodes. I thought it was very good. I hope they bring it back.
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    Black People Politics : What can we do, to unite with Trump supporters and voters?

    Stay as far away from them as possible. start a business for every business they have that we support. Stand on our own independent of them. Train our own to be politicians that will work for our good. Arm ourselves and train in espionage and Counterterrorism. Pull our children out of white...
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    Black People : The Truth About Kwanzaa

    so you just don't like Kwanzaa.
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    Black Sports : Chicago Bear Legend Gale Sayers Passes Away at 77

    Chicago Bears Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers, one of the most electrifying players in NFL history, died Wednesday. He was 77. Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker announced Sayers' death. No cause was provided...
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    Black Entertainment : Pamela Hutchinson of The Emotions dies at age 61

    (September 20, 2020) Sad news came today from the legendary vocal group The Emotions on their Facebook page about Pamela Hutchinson, often called “The Fourth Emotion”: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: In loving memory, we are saddened to announce the passing of our sister, Pamela Rose Hutchinson, on...
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    Black Entertainment : james Jam Joint......

    One of my favorite movies. This scene was absolutely magnificent. This movie was **** in ONE take.
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    Black People : Stimulus Checks

    would you reject it?
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    Black People : Stimulus Checks

    rumor has it $1200 drops again on May 28, 2020 ??
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    Health and Wellness : ARTIFICIAL KIDNEY

    And for the low price of One arm and One leg
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    Black People : Should We Allow the N Word to Be Used Here? Why or Why Not? Vote in the Poll Please.

    I wish we could erase the word and all of its derivations. Many feel ****** is derogatory but ***** is not. At the age of 55 you cannot hurt me with the word but I know how hateful the word can be. Maintaining the ban would be a pleasant anomaly in this world of social media. The flip side is...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Black Christian People

    The answer is very easy. The crux of the doctrine is love. Love for each other and love for oneself. In addition, many of the rules/laws are “common sense” teachings, the ten commandments, proverbs parables etc. whether stolen copied or whatever you want to call it, it is a concise collection of...
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    Black People : Recent News....

    This is one of Farrakhan's most powerful speeches. Security was in full force around him.