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    Black Poetry : Lord I Thank You

    He gave his life That I might be free Sometimes I may take him for granted Yet his love is still there Guiding me into all truth Providing me with the liberty To share with the world The good things he has done His love transcends all boundaries And his righteousness is immeasurable He...
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    Black Poetry : You Are Becoming What You Already Are - message for Aminata

    Ordained by God for a purpose Mandated that you should bear trials For only by suffering can you reign with him Deliverance has come The captives have been set free No longer bound By the flesh You elect to be led by the spirit As he dwells within To guide you into What you shall...
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    Black People : Happy Birthday Bishop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy B-day Bishop....May Go's blessing be upon you.
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    Black Poetry : The Center of my Joy

    Thank you aim is to spread the goodness of the Master through the poetic dissertations.
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    Black Poetry : What is Man? - Inspired by Dnommo

    What is Man that though art mindful of him What is this creature that thou hath created To give you praise Yet he strays everytime And only when he falls Will he call upon your name Why do you give him so many opportunities To change his ways What is Man? Man is that creation that...
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    Black Poetry : To God be the Glory - Inspired by Rashad

    To God be the Glory For he has done great things for me When I couldn’t make it And felt like giving up He lifted me Thoughts of suicide reigning In my mind But he dispelled every though And brought it into the captivity Of his Word I give him Glory Because when I didn’t have a dime...
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    Black Poetry : Alone

    you seem to be a very beautiful young women one worthy of a man that would love her unconditionally I agree with the Bishop and Joyce....You are most deserving..... Don't you know it's not easy finding that desired treasure sometime you have to search for it, but when you find it, you cherish...
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    Black Poetry : The Center of my Joy

    Though trials and tribulations Weigh heavily upon me I continue to hold on Knowing that if I trust in thee Everything will work out for my good After all you paid the ultimate price Your life The sacrifice You made That gave Me life And that more abundantly Yes I may be going thru...
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    Black Poetry : Allow me to Introduce Myself....I'm just a servant

    Thanx....cocobutterskyn Many thanks to you Desteee...I've heard much about you from a certain someone.......
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    Black Poetry : I Will Chew On You Forever!

    Yes!!! This is Excellent....Thank you for exciting my spirit..
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    Black Poetry : Can I Get an Amen?

    He died for me That I might be free Forgives me although I don’t deserve it So many times I left him But He’s right there Showing his love for me Heals me when I’m sick And lifts me up when I’m burden Even when I get myself Into trouble he’s there to deliver me Soothes and mends...
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    Black Poetry : The Storm is Over

    Joyce Male Bishop Thanks.....means much sir....
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    Black Poetry : The Storm is Over

    Cares and fears Rip through The mental faculties Tormenting With depression Eroding Away Barriers Of safety Storm winds Of heartaches Mixed with Hurricanes Of stress Leaving Mental decay And destruction In its wake Yet through The dark clouds There is a light That...
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    Black Poetry : Allow me to Introduce Myself....I'm just a servant

    Thank you both for welcoming me...May God's favor shine on you.
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    Black Poetry : Is Anybody Praying For Me?

    your prayers have already been heard....Thank you for this piece....