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    HEEEEEEEEEEY FAMILY!..... I've been gone for awhile now and I just wanted to say I'm really impressed the community has grown and I like it:wink: I'm a junior now,and school is kickin me in the butt:lol:,but I'm doing well.I'm in the Black History Club,Hope Club and National Honor Roll...
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    Never Too Young

    Why do so many youth blame their actions on their age?I am 16 and my peers say that I want to grow up too fast,but I don't is it a crime to be mature at a young age?And why when something goes wrong,for instance a car wreck between an elder and teen-does the teen get accused or the elder first?
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    African American History Culture : Is Essence Mag African?

    I read a lot of Essence magazines and I don't really think it's promoting BLACK,but SELF. :peace:
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    MrBlak thanx for your response and you are so very true it starts in the home or around it.I just don't understand why we down grade ourselves like that.
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    Hello fam,I've been gone for a minute now I'm back with anotha hot one for you....Race...Ignorance... You ever be in school and see this white boy or girl come through the halls with saggy pants,gold teeth,mass jewelry,cornrows,speaking with broken and improper english...and automatically...
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    Confused And Hurt

    Aw,I understand how you feel.Guys...well,some guys just don't know how to let people down easily and people mess up...I'm not saying that he didnt like you or whateva but maybe he was just feeling you and then the feelings died.I'd say move on with ya life and please you the way you know how.And...
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    Khasm13 : supa hoes vol.1 --- all she wants to do is swallow kids

    Filthy Rich had em' allll he was a supa ho This piece off the meat rack foreal....Liked your detail and you had me like um um girlu naaaasty :lol: nice flow brotha :read:
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    Black Poetry : Determination

    :wave: Rich I'm diggin this flow it was like no other and touched me had me hypnotized and hung on every word continue to drop that magic :wink:
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    Poet of the Week : Poet of the week ( sista Daroc )

    Party like it's 1999 :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:
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    Black Poetry : 'Coochie Coo"(poem I wrote clowning lol)

    Thanx for the love fam I live to see you smile:wink:
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    Black Poetry : Locked Up(u can't have !@#$)

    :lol: thanx you all for the love Rich you can buy a purse man we won't think of you differently......:lol:
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    Black Poetry : White Girl Stuck In A Black Girl's Body(edited version)

    Thanx for the love family...maybe this scribe was too real :lol: Thanx again
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    Black Poetry : Locked Up(u can't have !@#$)

    I heard Akon singing this song Of how his life turned up side down The life turned dead wrong A life of crime and broken laws Jay Z said it betta,"Talk to the lawd." Jesus still walking and blessing Hoping these many and few learn a lesson But is there a way that you can lock yourself up...
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    Black Poetry : Boombastic Chick.....that's me

    FOXI!!! Hola mami glad to see you back and why wouldn't we like your work?Well,I'll tell you why cuz I loves it I dunno bout' the rest,but you got me :wink:
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    Black Poetry : The Nasty Poem